The Mosaic Sun

1740 B.C.E

New Law Introduced to Israelites

Sustaining the protection of those suffering in Israel due to poverty has always been important according to the Law of Moses (The Mosaic Law: Its Function and Purpose in the New Testament). However, today King Jeroboam introduced a new law to further enforce and emphasize the value of protecting the poor. This law compels Israelites to give charity according to one's means (Judaism 101: A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) "Poor"). Before this law was introduced, the middle class had the choice to donate their goods to those of lower class but as of today, it is mandatory depending on the means of whom it is being given to.

13 Year Old Boy Stoned to Death

Under the Mosaic Law, a crime committed by "the rebellious" son will always result in execution ("Capital Punishment"). A boy named Ezekiel was accused of cursing his father after a private dispute. Not too long after, the boy was stoned to his death. Although this is the capital punishment of committing such a crime, Ezekiel's situation has caused a lot of controversy amongst the people of Israel. Some argue that he was too young to be punished in such a way and did not deserve to die. Others say that the extremity of this punishment was palpable and he should have known better.


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Ba'Al Ob Sentenced to Death

According the Bible and Law of Moses, any type of witchcraft/spiritual activity that is not in relation to God is prohibited (36 Bible Verses about Witches (What Does the Bible Say About Witches?). A woman was found selling khabar kheber (charms) to young adults, allowing them to believe it would grant them wealth and good fortune. It is claimed that she was also performing nahash (an enchantment) in front of children. After more than one complaint from parents, the ba'al ob (master of spirits) was tracked down by authorities and immediately sentenced to death. The King has requested there be a search throughout all the homes within that area of Israel hoping that this will encourage anyone practicing witchcraft within the privacy of their homes to stop in fear of being punished.

Wife of Man Killed By Ox Requests the Execution of its Owner

Under the Mosaic Law, if a man has been warned to keep his ox from harming others due to past aggressiveness but fails to do so resulting in the death of another person, he must be sentenced to death. However, when a man was killed by an ox two days ago, the owner claimed that he was never warned of such a thing. The wife of the victim is accusing the owner of lying because according to her, one of his oxen have been involved with an incident that injured her nephew. Both the plaintiff and defendant have taken this matter to court but the final verdict may take up to two days to determine whether or not the owner should be killed. According to Exodus 23:2, a decision cannot be made based on a majority that exceeds by one person because this is a capital punishment (Judaism 101: A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) "Court"). During this time, the King is encouraging ox owners to take extra caution of their animal's behaviour to avoid situations like this.
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It is stated under the Law of Moses that the King chosen must be an Israelite (Judaism 101: A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments) "King"). This law has recently been reinforced due to the sudden controversy surrounding King Jeroboams heritage. Close acquaintances of the King promise that he is a pure Israelite and said that any assumptions that contradict their claim is absurd. So far, the King of Israel has not publically responded but if these accusations are true, he could face deathly consequences.
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New Sanctuary Officially Opened

The burning of the old sanctuary caused a good amount of destruction and chaos throughout Israel last year when a fire had spread across the altar during a burnt-offering. The King and kohen (priest) were both very ecstatic to announce the opening of the new sanctuary. The kohen is inviting all Israelites to enjoy a potluck in front of the sanctuary to celebrate the opening and encourage those affected by the tragedy that took place last year to look forward to the future.

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