Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

April 29th

Quarters & Counting Coins

This week the students learned about their final coin, the quarter! We learned about all its features and how much it's worth. We finished up our coin books and our Show Me the Money books. We played some games like Coin Grab and Race to a Dollar and practice counting and adding the value of our coins.

Skills Learned Last Week

Language Arts

This week we reviewed and practiced our syllables. We remember how to find the syllables in words and practiced counting the sounds, vowels and syllables in different words.


This week the students learned about giving and accepting writing ideas from others. We learned that others may have new, fresh ideas for us to write about that maybe we wouldn't have thought of writing about ourselves. We gave others ideas and chose some of those ideas to write about and practice our skills.


This week the students learned about sound and vibrations. We learned that all things that make sound vibrate, even our ears. We read books and learned about pitch and volume of sound. We also sorted sounds that are man made and sounds that are natural. Finally we spent some time listening for sounds inside and outside.

Social Studies

This week the students learned about the different types of places found on earth, the characteristics of those places and the animals that live there. We decided which places are where we live, close by or far away.

Kline Creek Field Trip

Upcoming Events

Quarter 4 Ends

Friday, May 20th

Graduation Day

Friday, May 27th @1:30pm


May 31st and June 1st