New Book Tasting

Winskill Library Media Center

You are invited to preview the new books from the Scholastic Book Fair!

What kinds of books do you like to read? Do you stick to one genre? A book tasting is a chance to "sample" new books that you may have not taken the time to preview.

Next week during your library specials you will get your hands on all the new books that were purchased from the Scholastic Book Fair! We will identify different kinds of books (genres) and find some new books to read! You can review the books and put them in on a shelf in your Destiny Quest accounts. We have Lego books, graphic novels, superhero books, new chapter books, craft books, Spanish books, sport books, and many new picture books!

Will I really be eating books?

No! You will be looking at books! You will be reading books! You will be writing about books, but you will not actually be eating books! :)
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