Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers

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Richie was a great basketball player, and with good grades he could have gone to college. His single mother, however, couldn't pay for it. He then went into the army and, was sent into Vietnam. While there he will face many challenges. As in, trying to stay alive, seeing many of his comrades die right in front of him, and even killing his own side and the enemy.

Walter Dean Myers

Walter has written over a hundred books, and has won dozens of awards with his great writing ability. Just this book alone he has won 12 awards. Including, ABC Choice, New York Charlotte Awards, and even Parent's Choice Awards. Then, with looking in to how many people read, and even like this book I hit many great reviews on this book. Lots of people are reading and loving this book.

"'My father used to call all soldiers angel warriors" he said. "Because usally they get boys to fight wars. Most of you ran told enough to vote yet.'" (Lieutenant Carroll 25).

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