Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Love Creek Elementary

September 7, 2017

School rules are all about the L.O.V.E.

At Love Creek, we...

L - Love to Learn

O - Own Responsibility

V - Value Safety

E - Express Respect

What's Happening??

  • 9/27 - Curriculum Night


Happy back to school and welcome to the first edition of CAP CHAT for the 17-18 school year! While the expectation for teachers at Love Creek is to provide a monthly newsletter, I'm hoping to publish CAP CHAT bi-weekly to keep families informed about what's occurring in CAP. As we progress through the year, my goal is to also have student author's sharing writing articles to share here, too.

Every student created his/her Communication Binder this week which I hope by now you have seen. This binder goes with your child to their homeroom, CAP, science/social studies class, as well as home. It is a great tool to keep them organized as they go about their day. On Thursdays, your child will bring home any graded work from the week as well as other information so please ask them for these papers to keep informed of your child's progress. Your child will normally receive their homework packet on Thursdays too and that will begin next week. Today, they brought home a packet of information about CAP for your reading pleasure.

It's been a fabulous week of getting to know each other and our beautiful new school. We worked together to begin building some procedures in our classroom to make this year the best one yet. The students participated in some team building activities, shared some of their favorites with their sacks, and created math posters to tell about themselves. Students were also assigned their iPad after they participated in a class discussion about how to stay SMART online. You can find a copy of the technology expectations we will be following in your child's communication binder. Everybody enjoyed taking a selfie to use as their wallpaper!

Thank you to all the families who have completed the Parent Inventory on Google and those who signed up for Remind. I will be using Remind to send whole class announcements as well as individual chats throughout the year. I do have it set so you can use the app to send me messages as well. Just so you know though, I do not have any cell service in the school so the best way to reach me during the school day is by email (

Thank you all for sharing your child with me. While it has been an exhausting first week, it has truly been a wonderful week working with my students. They are a fun bunch and I'm very excited to see what we accomplish this year! If there's anything you need please don't hesitate to contact me.

Happy Thursday and Enjoy Your Weekend!

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle


Students will need a pair of earbuds or headphones to keep at school. Please do not send in expensive ones. They will keep them in the CAP classroom to use with their iPads as they complete learning activities. I will try to purchase a few sets to have on hand until everybody can get a pair. Thank you!


Next week we will begin math units. The way the schedule is organized this year 4th graders will receive math instruction from 9:05-10:15 and 5th grade from 12:05-12:45 and 1:45-2:15 every day. Each grade level will be in the CAP room by themselves which will allow small group instruction with limited distractions. Below is information about the content we will begin to cover.

4th Grade

"How Big is Big" is our first math unit for fourth grade. This first unit is a refresher of place value of large numbers and how to add/subtract them. Students will be expected to use efficient strategies including the standard algorithm for adding and/or subtracting large numbers.

5th Grade

Multiplying and dividing large numbers will be the focus. We will review multiplication strategies and work with the standard algorithm to multiply double and triple digits by single and double digits. We will use the same number of digits for division using a variety of strategies. While some students may experiment with the standard algorithm for division this is a 6th grade standard so it will not be expected they use it efficiently yet. They will be expected to use another efficient strategy to divide though.