Elizabeth 1 England 1544


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Plot Outline

Exposition:Hatfield,Greenwich,palace,Hampton Court,Westminster,Whitehall Palace

Elizabeth,Mary,king Henry,Edward,kat the governess

Elizabeth and Mary get no news about their sick father and begin to worry.

They find out that their 9 year old brother is about to be king.

Finally they get news that their father was very sick and has died.

The girls learn to take care of them self.

pages: whole book

Conflict,Protagonist,and antagonist

The conflict is man vs. self because King Henry died Edward does not know what to do and every one is getting mad because he also closed lots of stores and shops.


Protagonist: Elizabeth is the protagonist because she watched her father work and helped Edward.

Antagonist:The antagonist is Mary because she does not want Elizabeth to help Edward.


Fun Facts

1.An earlier English siege in 1492 was led by King Henry and took the lightly defended towers.

2.Fifty years later as allies of the Holy Roman Emperor in his war against french led by Henry.

3.There were 2 sieges of war.

4.English possession on the French mainland between 14 September 1544 and march 1550

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