Never Lose Focus

Zayn Beg

What is Perseverance?

For everyone, life can always bring adversities but it is up to those who overcome those to be recognized as persevering. When someone has to persevere they have to have determination and confidence, so that they are fully committed to what they are doing and not stop trying. To overcome adversities, an individual must have character traits such as ambitious, confident, and persistent. One has to be ambitious in order to persevere because if they do not have a desire then what would they be working towards. Someone also has to be confident because if they do not believe in themselves then they won't have the strength to accomplish their goals. Lastly, one must be persistent so that they consistently keep trying and don't stop in order to persevere. After studying all of these different examples of perseverance in Unit 4, I have learned that there are many people in the world who are able to do remarkable things through trying hard.

Eric Legrand - Description

Eric Legrand, from a college football kicker to a man that became a role model for perseverance to everyone. In the year of 2010, the college football match between the Rutgers and Army is taking place. It is a kickoff for the Rutgers and kicker, Eric Legrand, is up to take it but at the moment the defense is after it, Legrand is hit severely hard and gets an injury that makes him paralyzed from the neck down. At the hospital, the doctors said that he may never recover and this made it worse for him and his family. After days in the hospital Legrand started to gain recognition from his home team. At the football field, there were signs that said “Believe 52” because that was his number. When Eric left the hospital he started to do more with his life and decided to finish his college degree in labor studies. Along with that he got involved with sports broadcasting for the Rutgers. Legrand also started a charity organization to cure paralysis and received an ESPYS award. Overall, Eric Legrand had faced many adversities but had not let them stop him from persevering.

Jackie Robinson - Problem and Solution

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Carry On - Compare and Contrast

Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett were part of the ESPN documentary, Carry On, which told their inspiring story of perseverance. Everyone has to face some hardships or adversities in life, but for Leroy and Dartanyon it seemed as though they came all the time and affected both of them in either similar or different ways. For Leroy, he had no legs due to the incident of them being crushed by a freight train, and after his mother left he was living with his grandmother. In Dartanyon’s life, other things had occurred like the fact that he was born with Leber’s disease and that he was homeless. Although they had many different problems, they were still able to connect with each other through their sameness. They both had disabilities that made their life hard and bonded together by each participating in wrestling during high school. Later on in their life they both graduated from a school that had an under 50% graduation rate for students. Even though this was a major milestone for the two of them, there was the sad fact that they did not have enough money for college. The ESPN interviewer, Lisa Fenn, that had been with them throughout this story and gained their trust decided to stay with them to help. She was able to publish the story and reveal it to the public, but once people had heard about Leroy and Dartanyon not being able to go to college, Lisa started receiving multiple donations from hundreds of viewers. This was able to give both of them a great head start, but at this time Leroy’s girlfriend had become pregnant and he had later became a father. While this was happening, Dartanyon had been brought to a special Olympic training camp for paralympic participants. Here he practiced judo and became great at it and eventually had the chance of entering the London Olympics as the nominee for the US. After facing the other country's contestants he won every match till he went up against the UK, where he lost but still had a chance to get a bronze medal. With persistence, Dartanyon fought through the other competitors and won the bronze medal. All the while, Leroy was there with Dartanyon to support him. So this is the story of how two “brothers” were able to connect with each other through hardships.

Winston Churchill - Sequencing

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Unstoppable, Preparing To Win - Cause and Effect

Maury Wills, a player who never stopped working hard until he achieved his dream but it was what he did to persevere that made him one of the greatest baseball players alongside many hall of famers. Wills tried out for the Dodgers minor league and was recognized for his small height. Due to that, he was not able to play most positions but he was a great sprinter, pitcher, and fielder. There was one major problem that he had and that was not being able to bat which was very crucial. Since he could not do that, he remained on the Class D team and was not moved up for about 8 years. Every day he would practice hitting but there was still no triumph in his effort because Wills still had not been able to hit. Eventually when he did make it to a major league team, he still could not hit well and was taken out every game during the 7th inning. At this point, Maury felt like quitting and almost did until his first base coach, Pete Reiser, decided to help. The same thing occurred as Maury tried hitting every day but Pete was able to realize what he was missing, confidence. Pete decided to work on Will’s mental focus and then one day Maury Wills started hitting every game. Then after a couple years he was later known for beating the record for the most bases stolen. Maury Wills was a great role model for perseverance and due to his persistence he was given acknowledgement.


We can learn a lot of things from others to overcome adversity in today's world. Furthermore, there have been very significant people in the past that have been recognized today for overcoming adversities like racism, feminism, and physical disabilities. The thing these people all had in common was their ambition to persevere and achieve their goals. Overall, everyone is to face adversities in life and the people who overcome them are the individuals who are acknowledged.