The Drought

An article by:Maryam,Vedhant,Sanaz,& Ishani

The Drought of California

California is facing a severe drought.Though we are facing this issue many residents do not understand the severity of this problem.We do not have to live in such conditions,with research and effort,we can end this drought and allow California to flourish once again.

How we use water

Water is a significant resource in our everyday lives and we use it in many ways.Water is used for simple tasks such as showering or watering a garden.This may not seem like that much water but showering alone takes 2.1 gallons per minute,so imagine,showering for 8 minutes takes about 16 gallons of water.If that seems like a lot,the average garden uses 7.43 gallons of water per cubic foot.

The average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water a day.The average Californian household uses 360 gallons a day,53% is used for outdoor purposes,the rest is used for indoor purposes.

Water Distribution

The Sources

99% of earths water is salt,leaving us only 1% to use.Freshwater resources include rivers,lakes,streams,and aquifers.Since we have not yet mastered desalination we only have a limited water source.Fresh water is contained in glaciers,groundwater,and other resources.


How we can conserve

1)Take shorter showers

2)Turn off the water while you brush your teeth

3)Use a low flow showerhead

4)Check all the pipes in your home for drips or leaks

5)Wait till all the soap is thoroughly rubbed before turning on water

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