Pride and Prejudice IRP

By Annie Reck

First Difference

The movie did not show the gardens of Netherfield or Langbourn. This is very significant to the relationship of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth because they do a lot of talking in these two places and they really begin to develop their affection towards eachother. Without these two places, their relationship is not a deep and meaningful in the movie as it is in the book. Also in the book these places symbolize life and a new beginning which then helps to show how unique Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship is. By not including these places, their relationship does not fully develop as it does in the novel.

Second Difference

In the book, Elizabeth tell her sister of the letter she recieves from Mr. Darcy. However, in the movie Elizabeth tells no one of the letter. By her not telling anyone it makes it seem as if she does not care as much as she really does for Mr. Darcy. This makes their relationship seem almost meaningless to Elizabeth because she does not think the information worthy enough to tell anyone. Also the movie loses the significant of the relationship between Elizabeth and her sister by leaving this information out, making it seem like Elizabeth does not trust them when in reality she trusts them more than she trusts her own will.

Third Difference

The characteristics of Elizabeth in the movie are different than they are described in the book. Elizabeth is presented in the movie as being rude, huffy, ill-tempered and grumpy in contrast to the book where she is portrayed as having good humor and being an intelligent woman with a sweet manner. This is a major significance because the Elizabeth in the book is easy to relate to and fall in love with, whereas in the movie her character was distant and did not relate to the audience. This difference made it seem as if she wasnt as significant of a charecter as she really is in the book.

Fourth Difference

Another main difference is that the family relations are very different in the movie. For example, the sisters Jane and Elizabeth in the novel have almost no secrets among them and share everything they have in their mind and plan about their futures, hopes and dreams. But in the movie they keep secrets and they are reserved with one another. This makes it seem as though they are not a close knit family. However this is very crutial to the book because it shows that Elizabeth is very careful not to include Mr. Darcy in her family if she does not 100 percent love and trust him. She regards her family very highly and this shows why she takes so much time to make her realtionship with Mr. Darcy perfect before she commits.

Fifth Difference

In the movie, Elizabeth caught Mr. Darcy's eye during the first ball and indicated that they was an attraction between them. However this never happened in the book. The significance of this added scene is that it starts to show that there is a spark between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. By including this extra scene it takes away from the true innocence of the relationship. In the novel, Elizabeth is shy and reserved towards Mr. Darcy and the reader can imply what her feelings are. In the movie it is not longer a guessing game because this scene makes it very obvious on how the two of them feel when they first meet. This added scene takes away the mystery that makes their true relationship in the book so special.