Task 4

By: Jacob Flowers, Nick Michaud, and Eric Brinkley

Currituck County

Atmospheric Pressure is at 29.85 inches, and the temperature is 77 degrees. The volume of Currituck County is 13.91.

Havana, Cuba

Atmospheric Pressure is at 29.98 inches, and the temperature is 91 degrees. Volume of Cuba is 14.21.

Difference in Atmospheric pressure.

The difference in pressure is 0.13 inches, and the temperature difference is 14 degrees. The difference in volume is 0.3.

How many balloons do we need?

The lifting power of hydrogen is 0.07105 pounds per cubic foot. Since the house weighs about 100,000 pounds, it will require a minimum of 1,407,459 balloons filled with hydrogen. The balloons would have to contain one cubic foot of hydrogen each. You get this number of balloons by dividing the 100,000 pounds of the house by the 0.07105 lifting force of the hydrogen. As the temperature goes down on the way to Currituck County, some balloons will lose some of the hydrogen. This will require for more balloons to be used, up to an additional 100,000 balloons of hydrogen with 1 cubic foot each.
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