The New ChasingProps!

Creating a community of Prop Hunters

Hi Lynn and ParisPosters Team!!

Im not sure if youll remember me, but my name is Katie and I used to run a website called, where we worked together finding sellers for your awesome "Maina La Voyante" Poster.

Well, its been a few years and my site has had abit of a transformation. Its now called and all sorts of new features have just been added to encourage community involvement, including product info and discussions, a forum, and music albums.


Inside every product page, now includes a discussion section where Im hoping people will jump in and tell us all about what they know about your item, where they saw it on the show and why they love it. This a a great way to get people talking about your product. The more discussion we get, the more traffic will be generated, and therefore directed towards your site.

The tricky thing though, is getting that first comment, to create the roll-on effect where people feel they will be heard. With a new and empty discussions board right now, people are less likely to comment. So Im wondering if you may able to pop in and say 'Hi" on your product page.

Your product link on ChasingProps in below;

It would be great if you could add any cool info you know about the prop, whether it be the history of the piece, or the process of finding it etc. The main thing is to encourage discussion; maybe you could also encourage customers to leave feedback about the "Maina" Poster there.


Also there is a section within the forum called "Meet The Creators", within the "Community" section. Im not certain of the name yet, but basically I think it would be a great place for people like yourself who would like to chat with fans. You could do product research there or just chat. Its a section made to highlight companies and creators like yourself!

Traffic generation is the name of the game, and any new relevant content that can be added, only encourages visitors and Google to rank our sites highly. So basically Im writing today, to reach out for a kind of collaboration where we can work together to help spread the word. The more people that find my site, the more people that will therefore visit your site!

If you appreciate ChasingProps and what it can do for your business, then I would also really appreciate any help to generate traffic. There are 3 easy methods that I know of so far which could help generate traffic;

1. Creating content; a blog on your site mentioning ChasingProps and your product page. A link is always the best part!

2. Helping spread the word by using the Social Media (Buttons available on your Product page)

3. Commenting and encouraging comments on your product page within ChasingProps. It would be awesome if you could join in the forum too!

Promoting Your Product

I have to say, it is a real thrill being able to direct people to your "Maina" Poster. I love being able to bring a bit of the make-believe Tv world into tangible reality. Personally I have always lived vicariously through my favorite tv shows, so having a part of the show in my house always gives me a little kick! What I love about ChasingProps is being able to bring that joy to other peoples lives.

I really look forward to working with you to really get some momentum going for both our sites, and if you have any ideas or suggestions I am all ears!

Also if you are interested in advertising on my site, that is also an option.

Love to hear your thoughts :) Cheers for now!

Katie Browning

(You may remember me as