God of light,truth,poetry,music,healing. By Lindsey

Apollo's Roman name was just Apollo.

Apollo's mother was Leto and his father was Zues. He had three children were Asclepius, Orpheus, and Aristaeus. Apollo did not have a wife. His symbols were the lyre and laurel wreath.

Apollo influenced the outcome of the Trojan war.

Some ancient coins show Apollo with dolphins swimming in the background

He is the archer god, master of the silver bow,he can rain death with his deadly arrows.

When Apollo was only four days old he gained revenge by killing Python an earth serpent sent by Hera to torment his mother.

Apollo accidentally killed the dearest companion Hyacinths in a discus throwing contest.

He was born on the island of Delos and has been called most Greek of the gods. Legend has it no false word ever fell from his lips,and he foretold the future with the same accuracy of his arrows. Zeus killed Asclepius(Apollo's son) with a thunderbolt for daring to bring a mortal back to life.His forename Phoebus bright and pure and connects him to his grandmother Phoebe. Apollo controlled the sun's movement with telekinesis.
Apollo - The Greek God Of Music, Poetry, Arts, Prophecy
I chose Apollo because he is the God of music. I also like music. I like to play the violin, and saxaphone. I also like the light and the sun. He is the god of truth and I always like to tell the truth. He is the god of healing. I like to help people. Apollo is the god of prophecy, I think it would be awesome to be able to tell the future.