Instrumental Music 1600-1800

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The Baroque Era

During the Baroque Era, music put weight upon improvisation and internationalism, as well as stylistic variation. Baroque Era music was also primarily religious in value; it was heard by the common man in church and by the aristocracy during other various events. Aristocratic music was highly extravagant, whereas common music was less dramatic and represented daily bourgeois life. Also during the Baroque Era, music became increasingly more complicated. As instruments progressed in design, musicians were required to have more technical skill in order to produce quality music. They also needed to understand virtuosity and proper improvisation.


Instruments became greatly more important during the Baroque Era. They had previously been tuned to Pythagoras' Law of Acoustics, but were modified to play major and minor key compositions. Opera also became the most popular form of music, and was based strongly off of instruments. Instruments during this time became as popular as vocals. This was due to an advancement in instrument technology.