Memory Improvement

Remember more things, better!

Do you forget a lot? Not very good at studying? Then you need to continue reading!

DO NOT CRAM! Studying in multiple short sessions is much more effective than one long, overwhelming study session. Try studying one subject/topic at a time so the information has time to process.
ORGANIZE YOUR NOTES! It will be much easier to remember information if you group similar information together. Discrete Mathematics notes do not belong with Spanish notes and neither of those belong with Chemistry notes!
USE GRAPHICS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! If there are pictures or charts or any visual, use them. It helps your brain group things together even better, and if you're stuck you can just think of pictures and it will help to remember the information associated with that picture
FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! You can't learn all the important dates you need for American History if you are sucked into "A" drama on Pretty Little Liars! Try setting aside period of quiet "me" time to study and do work.