To Kill A Mockinbird

By: Alex Clemens

First section part A

The story ties place in the 1930s in southern part of the USA. The main characters are Jean Louise Finch (Scout) a 6 year old girl who does not like being called a girl and the story was in her point of view, Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem) Scouts older brother by 5 years he is good at making up games to play, Atticus Finch Scouts father who is a lawyer and is defending a African-American, Calpurnia a African-American house keeper and looks after Jem and Scout when Atticus is working, Arthur Radley (Boo) a town legend who every kid is scared of, he only comes out at night, Dill a homeless boy who moves around the family for places to live, Miss Maudie, and Nathan Radley Boo's brother who moved back when his father died.

First section part B

Scout likes to fight but Atticus tells her not to fight. She loves Atticus reading to her. She learned to read and write before she went to school, it seems like she taught herself to read and Cal taught her how to write.
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Second Section

The turning point is when Scout find out that Atticus is defending Tom Robertson at school. The story shifted when people started to call Atticus names for defending a African American. She notices when she hears a lot more people talking about the upcoming trial.

Third Section

The new tone of the story is about the Tom Robertson trial. Scouts focus is trying not to fight anyone to defend Atticus and her personality is a little more serious. Scout is more mature and has more self control. People are showing more racism.