History of Special Education

Patricia Riley

Your Child is Important too

Over the years special education has changed the way society views their student population. Several court cases have been won in order to better provide for the students with special needs in the classroom. An individualized education program (IEP). This document, developed in conjunction with the parent(s)/guardian(s), is an individually tailored statement describing an educational plan for each learner with exceptional.(Gargiulo,)

Parents are a part too

Parental participation. PL 94–142 mandates meaningful parent involvement. (Gargiulo,) This law will assure that parents have the right over their child at any point during their education path. Without parents being on board it is harder for the student to be on board also. Working as a team is the best for the student.

Least Restrictive Envirnoment

What does this mean for your child? Having a least restrictive environment simple means that they are going to get the most education possible that the student can handle as the students that are in the regular population. The student is placed in a room where he/she is going to get the best education being taught to them, same as the other students in the classroom.

Education Reform

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing movement toward greater educational accountability, with accompanying calls for educational reform or restructuring resulting in enhanced academic excellence.(Gargiulo,) Because of this big push for better education for everyone it has also pushed the special education department to step up and work harder to provide a better education for the special education students. With the No Child Left Behind Act this has now assured that every student will have a fair opportunity on receiving the best education possible.


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