Supernovas and Black Holes

By: Bilal Smith and Jacob Alexander


Supernovae and black holes are similar in many ways. They are also very different in many ways. Both of these things can happen to the Sun and we will be dead before we'll be able to see it. We will see the Sun get larger and larger in size until our whole planet is overheated and will become a gigantic rock. Although this will start a new planet very similar to the earth. We may have already been a planet and been destroyed and our planet was made again from the nebula already. Just like this phenomenon, supernovae and black holes are still a mystery.

What is a Supernova?

A supernova is essentially a star that is exploding. Its combustion could cause devastation on planets millions of light years away. Supernovas can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. They're also the primary source of heavy elements in the universe. A supernova occurs every second in the universe, but a supernova occurs only every fifty years in the Milky Way Galaxy. A supernova occurs when a star runs out of nuclear fuel. It gets bigger and bigger and eventually explodes. If this happens to our sun we would be dead by the heat it gave off when it was big.
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Black Holes

Black holes are similar to supernovae. They both happen after the death of a star. They suck in everything that exists nearby. Including, gravity, sound, light, and even time. Whole universes can be sucked up within seconds. There has been pictures taken of black holes sucking suns up in a spiral. I would say that this way for the planet to be destroyed would be terrible. Once a human goes into a black hole, it is on of the most painful thing in the world. First, it folds you body in half and flattens it like paper. Your whole body will stay intact but you can still feel it. the black hole then procedes to stretch your body until you can see the back of your head with no effort. It is not known what happens next.
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You have seen many similarities and differences in this report. But one single thing matter to the future of planet Earth. This will happen one day. You won't know when until the Sun turns into a red super giant. You will think that nothing will exists any more in the galaxy, but another earth will be reborn the same way it was before. It will all start over from scratch and another version of me may write a report on supernovae and black holes.

Made by: Bilal Smith and Jacob Alexander