Digital Literacy

Lincoln County Schools


Ground Rules

Time Frame

Learning Targets:

  • I will understand what digital literacies are and their importance in my classroom.
  • I will learn how to appropriately use digital tools, resources and media to meet my instructional goals as aligned with Common Core, Essential Standards and the NC Professional Educator Standards.
  • I will learn and develop strategies for locating, organizing, evaluating and analyzing information from digital sources.
  • I can demonstrate safe and ethical of use of digital resources including an understanding of intellectual property.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy-Using Technology in the Classroom


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Why Does It Matter?

NC Standards

Essential Standards for Information and Technology

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Professional Standards



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Digital Life Student Intro Video - Digital Life 101

How to search the "Open" internet

Yes, I Googled

How Search Engines Work - example: Google

How Search Works

Website Evaluation

Watch the following video, “A Vision of 21st-Century Teachers.” While you watch, think about these questions:

  • How can teachers ensure the safe use of 21st-century tools and processes while engaging in 21st-century content?
  • How can students use digital technologies in a safe and ethical way to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them?
Website Evaluation

Digital Manipulation

It's not just incorrect or misleading text we should be concerned with when searching for information on the web. Photographs can also be easily altered, so much so that the meaning of the photograph changes. Click here to test your ability to discern between real photographs and those that have been digitally altered.

Citation Websites Demonstration and Exercise

There are several sources to create citations

Citation Machine

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Reading Online Vs. Reading Print

Begin by determining the Reading Purpose of your "assignment"
List Strategies for Online Reading
Create a poster to illustrate strategies
Gallery Walk


Review learning targets.

Pose some video.