Lincoln Memorial

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Casee Footman 3B

What the memorial stand for

To represent Lincoln as a presidents. It was created on May 30,1922.


The idea behind the choice is to represent our presidents that were in the past. It also represents the white house as well because all the people that were presidents were in the white house.

Where it is located?

It is located in Washington DC, Thats why also liked it.


It was made of of paint, brick, sculpting and it took some years for them to complete the finished product of the sculpture. The building was dedicated, 57 years after he died and about 50,000 people showed up to the ceremonies.

Art and design

They used paint, brick, sculpting skills to complete the memorial about Lincoln it took them some time to sculpted and build to get the completed version of the idea.


I think it should stand for ever because our history is in that building. What attracked me was that it is in Washington DC and I love going there eve though I haven't seen the Lincoln Memorial

Principle Design

The elements of art I used in my work are color. I organized this to achieve that principle of design, unity. Unity is when create a harmonious feeling by repeating an element throughout the work of art. I arranged this by having my layers all different tints and shades in the piece one color. This is harmonious because even though they are different shades, its all the same-color.