Tip #10 - Catch-up

October 9, 2014 - BEST District

Areas of Need

Instead of introducing a new tool, I thought it might be helpful to clarify a few areas of need that teachers seem to need support in - RDS: grade submission, EVSC Teacher Portal, and EVSC Support List.
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RDS Grade Submission

Do you still need to submit your grades? Are you in grades 2-6 and need a little support for the skills entry? Here are two posts on the iCats Page that could really help you!

Here are the links:

Submit Grades

Skills Entry

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Teacher Portal

To get to the teacher portal is pretty straightforward. Here is a direct link - teacher portal. Once you get to this page, make sure you bookmark it. For more information go to my Weebly and scroll down to Tech Tip #4.
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EVSC Support Pages

The iCats page shows who the contact people are for specific content and/or technical support. Click this link to take you to this page..

Hang in there!

The tension is high right now. Please use me to do anything to help support you! I am always happy to help.

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

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