Vietnam Assignment

Cody Butt

Summary of the texts

The two readings "In the Field" and "Facing It". In the chapter In the Field Jimmy Cross and his men are wading through a field of muck looking for the solider Kiowa. They set up on bad lands and they got attacked and Kiowa got sucked into the muck field. Facing It is about a man going to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He is having memories from the war.

Important Passages

"I go down the 58,022 names half-expecting to find my own in letters like smoke" (14-16)
This is important to the poem since it shows that he felt he should have not made it.
"He did not care one way or the other about the war, and he had no desire to command" (O'Brien 168). This is important since it says that he did not want to be apart of this war nor did he want the pressure of leading men.

Discussion Questions

They are trying to show the toll the war took on the veterans and their families. Families lost a lot of family members due to the war.

Image Analysis

It shows how people did not want the US to be in the war.
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Connection to Media

It is about how people who support military force do not have to pay the costs of the war.
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