The Power of Six

By: Pittacus Lore

Relationship Traits

  • Understanding
  • Difficult*
  • Overcoming*
  • Trusting*
  • Sarcastic


Overcoming Fear

Hector teaches Marina that to overcome her fears she must first face them.

Don't get ahead of yourself

When John and six thought they were safe, they had only gotten closer to danger.


"'I don't know why you act as if you didn't come from Lorien and you don't have a duty to teach me'"(50).

"The cop car pulls to within ten feet of our rear bumper, and it's headlights fill the truck's interior"(70).

"We watch the crystal, transfixed by the glow. Then, suddenly, Six lets it drop to the floor. The crystal ceases to pulse and resumes its steady glow"(162).

Dynah - Promise - Music Video