A Rape on Campus

by: Karina Ramos


Jackie a 18 year old girl attends to her first College frat party. She gets all dressed and pretty not only to attend to her very first frat party but for her date. Her date is Drew a Junior in UVA. She's not much of a drinker but she didn't want to seem like a goody-goody. In the party they went up to a room and that's when Drew and his friends raped her, but they not only just raped her but punched her too. When she woke up she ran out of the room to look for her friends when she found them she wanted to go and deport it but her friends told her not to because she could give the university a bad name and that she needs to keep her loyalty to the school so she stayed quite.

sociological imagination

When her friends told her not to report it they were not thinking of Jackie's well being they were just thinking about themselves and the school and how the school would be looked at if she would say something. They did not put themselves in her situation but in the schools. Many times in society when it comes to situations like these people think of what others would say or think about them and not about how they look at themselves. Teens especially in this generation are very focused on how others see them and think about them, so they are not themselves and try to be different to fit in.


The school to keep it's "good" look, they do not kick out someone for rape but they do for cheating because they do not want the news to be in the news for the world to see. So they just keep their situations similar to that one behind doors. They don't think of other girls that could be getting raped in one of those Frat parties, they just care about the school's image.