The Comet-tary Parent Edition

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November 16th - 20th

School Office Hours

Daily Office Hours

Starting Monday, August 3, 2020

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


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School Will Be Closed November 23rd - 27 for Thanksgiving Break!


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Wait... my child's teacher may change?

Some Cooper teachers will have to go virtual to meet the needs of our families who wish to remain virtual. If your child's teacher remains virtual and your child wants to return in person, your child will be placed with another teacher at the grade level. All of the students that wish to stay virtual will be placed with the virtual teacher. We do realize that changing teachers mid-year is not what we want to be doing and we are trying our best to minimize the number of changes. Currently we have the need for at least one teacher at each grade level to become a virtual teacher at Cooper.

VIRTUAL (Distance Learning)

If your child will be staying on virtual learning, they will follow the same schedule as they have been during distance learning.

**If you did not put "Virtual" on your Intent to Return, you are slotted to return with our hybrid students (AM/PM).


Masks will be required. The only exemption is a medical exemption. We've discussed this a few times in our newsletters and this hasn't changed. Keep practicing and keep wearing them now so our numbers don't go back into the purple.


No parents will be allowed on campus during school hours (limiting our number of people on campus limits opportunities for exposure).

We will only open five entrances at arrival times and they will only be opened a few minutes prior to the beginning of the day. The five entrances will be kindergarten gate located in the kindergarten yard (Kindergarten students), near, the gate near Stoneybrook Drive (Kwit, Harris/Verutti, Lloyd, Fair, and Howard) , the gate near Valet on Christine Drive (Wallace, Thomason, Lindsey-Moehrke, Thomas, K., Wood/Wright, Hornbrook), the double doors near the MP room (Thomas, H., Scheper/MacKenzie, McGee, Atherton, and Curtis), and the main entrance (TAP, Mr. M., Bechtel, Anderson, and Lintz) . Students will report directly to their classrooms.

Currently, we do NOT know the start/end times as busing dictates the start times at specific schools.

We WILL NOT be utilizing parent volunteers at this time (again, limited exposure opportunities).

SAFETY- check out the link below!

While the school district is still working with employees and families in how to return and ensure everyone's safety. Several things are being put in place to ensure safety (air purifiers, plexiglass guards, hand sanitizer in every room, directional arrows for one way traffic, signage on campus, etc.)

You can find more information HERE.

Minimal Zoom Days

There is time set aside in the coming weeks for Parent-Teacher Conferences which will be held via Zoom. If you would like to meet with your child's teacher please contact them directly and they'll tell you the best way to sign up. Teachers may also reach out to schedule a conference with you.

To prepare for conferences, our schedule will change slightly:

  • On Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10 students will have Zoom sessions for their Class Meeting and English Language Arts and Math classes. We will not have Zoom sessions for Intervention or English Language Development. Special education teachers will let you know how services will be provided.
  • On Thursday, November 12, Friday, November 13, and Monday, November 16 students will only meet for their Morning Class Meetings. The rest of the day is reserved for conferences. Special education teachers will let you know how services will be provided.
  • Report Cards will be distributed on November 18th.

Parent-Teacher Conferences and Report Cards provide an opportunity to celebrate your child's strengths and their hard work and achievements. They are also an opportunity to identify areas that we can work on together.

We know that Virtual Learning has been difficult for many students (and families). This pandemic has been hard on everyone. But we also know that so many students are working hard and trying their best. So are you. Thank you for all your continued support.


"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." Margaret Cousins

Through November, the Communications Department wants to take a moment to share letters of Appreciation with you and our community!

We will be sharing Vacaville Unified Nice Notes through social media! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our content! We want everyone to see how far kindness can go!

To participate in VUSD Nice Notes fill out the Google Form below

Cooper Virtual Learning Expectations

Be Safe:

  • Do not share your online username and password with others
  • Do not share Zoom links publicly
  • Do not chat with strangers or join unknown Zoom sessions
  • Report online bullying or inappropriate online chats to a trusted adult right away
  • Only use your school account for school work – not for playing online games or browsing on the web

Be Respectful:

  • Mute microphones when others are speaking
  • Respect others opinions
  • Use proper test etiquette
  • Help each other during group assignments and in designated meeting rooms
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Be actively engaged
  • Follow instructions
  • Wait your turn to speak
  • Use the raise your hand feature
  • Minimize distractions
  • Use the chat feature appropriately
  • Do not change your name
  • Do not change your backgrounds
  • Come to class dress appropriately

Be Responsible:

  • Complete tasks on time
  • Be prepared
  • Ask for help
  • Write in complete sentences
  • Log in on time
  • Organize your materials
  • Set daily goals
  • Make yourself visible

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Please bring by your food donations for the hungry. The Food Bank barrel will be in Multipurpose Room November 16 - 20.

Our Fabulous Librarian Mrs. Arnett reading "The Thank You Dish by Trace Balla and Splat says Thank You" by Rob Scotton"

The Thank You Dish by Trace Balla
Splat says Thank You!
Follett Books eFair


Classes with the BEST attendance for October

These classes can choose to have a virtual lunch or an activity of their choice with admin. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Ms. Johnston's Kindergarten

Ms. Lintz's First grade

Ms. Thomas's Second grade

Ms.Harris/Ms. Verrutti's Third grade

Ms.Wood/Ms.Wright's Fourth grade

October "Students of the Month"

The following students were nominated by their teachers:

Kindergarten - Darlington Railey, Alayna Lowery, Brooklynn Velez, Mason James, Thomas Mallory, Jasmine Bueno, Nathan Peete

First Grade - Shae Babbel, Alex Brackett, Angel Rodriguez, Talon Keomongkhoun, Lily Gamboa, Dominic Farantino, Ethan Mason, Ember Durfrene, Camden Pulsipher, Presley Brantly, Angel (Vy) Van

Second Grade - Josephine Conner, Mackenzie Conner, Soren Barry, Trinity Logan, Estela Lozano, Elijah Galvan, Jenna Kuntz, Mark Mallory, Tate Babbel, Gianna Emge

Third Grade - Ella Rae Hamtig, Aiden Wilson, Adam Bartee, Mackenzie Ellison, Layla Beaubois, Caleb Cannon, Kendra Eddy

Fourth Grade - Alex MacNichol, Michael Lizarde, Emma Marshall, Makenna Brady, Elijah Deguzman, Zian Edward Rimorin, Cara Hanft, Logan Russell

Fifth Grade - Lloyd Anders, Kennedy Wilson, Aliana Reyes, Linh Tran, Matheo Giudicelli, Madison Ellison, Aurielle Abrego-Ramirez

Sixth Grade - Poto Duri, Alexander Rodriguez, Rosemary Davis, Serenity Mires, Jacob Bancod, Brendan Choi


Happy Birthday Celebrations!

11/16 Santino Parente, Santiago Vargas Meza

11/18 Jacob Galeano, Mason James

11/19 Chlaenna Mielle Magracia, Raelynn Wade

11/20 Rael Ambales, Scarlett Moulton

11/21 Poto Duri

11/22 Carliegh Giroux

11/23 Harlan Beers

11/24 Natalie Novak

11/25 Jordan Mariscal, Luna Verza

11/26 Mayah Garcia, Landon Grindle

11/27 Michael Lizarde

11/28 Isabelle Hill

11/29 Criselle Dominguez, Alexander Silva

11/30 Niia Garcia, Anthony Tostado

Cruthird's Corner

I LOVE this time of year! A little known fact is that I was actually born on Thanksgiving morning. Let's take this time to Give Thanks and tell our loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. This pandemic has taught us not to take anything or anyone for granted. I'm asking that we not focus on what we have given up, but to focus on what we have. I am Thankful and Grateful to each of my Cooper Families, your kind words have been a bright spot for myself and the office staff as we navigate our path through Covid. When you find yourself in a storm, don't stop keep going until you get to the other side.

Proud to be a Comet!

Ms. Cruthird