We’re committed to catering to the needs of the customers, clients and business affiliates.

For most people, picking a venue, organizing your friends to get together, and doing it all without hassle is quite difficult. So, we want make it as easy and convenient as possible. From your mobile device, we can make it a seamless experience.
Never again will you need to ask "What's a good spot to go to tonight?", or more importantly "Do you know anyone that can help us out there?". This easily manageable app allows you to stay updated with the most popular high-end nightlife venues.


We are a consulting company specializing in event planning for social entertainment. We’re committed to personalizing the experience to match the needs to our customers, clients and business affiliates.

For most people picking a venue and organizing your friends for a night out is often frustrating and difficult. From the convenience of your mobile device, the NightlifeX team will take care of the details so you can just Experience it.