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What are gangs?

Gangs refer to many groups of people. However, they all have one thing in common, illegal activities. Most of the time people use the word gang they are referring to a group of juveniles. The juveniles don't want to follow the rules and they form their own group.

How do Gangs act?

Gangs use specific language, and how they dress, and hand gestures to define themselves. Gangs give Nicknames to each other to identified equal role in the Gang. Gangs use signs and specific mannerisms, such as how they walk identifying them with their specific gangs.

How do you get in a Gang?

The gangs recruit in schools, streets, in fast food restaurants and their parking lots, at parties, in jail or prison. You are required to go through an initiation ceremony to show the gang's members they have what it takes. For example, you might have to memorized the gang knowledge, follow the rules, you have to do what the lead tell you to do something.
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Types of Gangs?

Their are some gangs that are well known then other gangs and what they do but some gangs are not well known. some of the gangs are street gangs and other is a organisation like the mafia they have more power then others, Hispanic gang. The street gangs is well organized like bloods , Crips, kings.
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