Méét Ãñ Éxplõrér

Interview made from Colin

Meet a Daintree Explorer!

"Angus who has just visited the Daintree rainforest has sighted many incredible things.

Today he's kindly here with us to share the many exotic things he has sighted.

This will include the the animals, plants and the environment"

A Few Questions

"Hi Colin"

"Good afternoon"

"Today i was going to come here because i was amazed of the environment,animals,plants and the damage from the humans" "What was the environment like"

"Why did you visit the Daintree in the first place"

"Was it because lots of explorers go there"

"No, but the thing that inspired me was all the unique animals that are there"

"What was some of the plants and animals that you sighted"

"The animals were amazing including the giant cassowary, the peppermint insect, the striped possum, the estuarine crocodile and that is about the most animals I remember.

"How about the flora"

"Some of the plants were hard to know so I had to ask the tour guide but I knew the idiot fruit,Daintree fan palm, hibiscus and the ginger fruit."

"How about some of the senses of the rainforest"

"The environment was wet and damp so the smell would smell like leaves in pond water which i don't know if that would be pleasant, the first thing that shot into my eyes were the pattern of the leaves and trees"

"How about the texture of the things that you touched"

"Leaves were rough,some trees felt different than the usual ones but i can't describe the feel and lastly all the things were wet"

"And finally what was the sound that you heard most of the time"

"Alot of the times i heard the wind rustling because of the weather but other than that the thing that i heard most was the rustling of the leaves begin swayed by the wind."

"What did the Daintree rainforest look like and what did you think it was before"

"The daintree looked perfect but except for a few things.I think that there would be more tree if humans did not chop them down,there would be more giant casuary because there are only 1000 in the world and that is all"



"I have 1 last final question for you"

"What is it"

"How much percent is the daintree plants animals, environment, experience and everything else"

"That would be around 95% because the environment was not perfect the experience was amazing and the plants and animals were out of this world"

"Well that is all the time we have for Daily Forest Life so i hope you have a good day and good time if you are planing to visit the brilliant Daintree.