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May's Special Missions Offering- The Blyckers


Mission Trips- It's Time to Sign Up!

2015 Mission Trips

There is no strenuous activity required on any of these mission trips (although there is always opportunity to do more). The cost of each trip is very approximate at this point as the price fluctuates with the number of people going and activities planned (these estimates are high). If you have any questions please contact Pastor Brad.
1. Puebla, Mexico- June 5-14. Serving alongside the Blycker family. Led by Pastor Daryl, cost approx. $1,000.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- June 16-28. Evangelism with Rick Bonfim Ministries. Led by Rick Zurbriggen, cost approx. $3,000.

3. Staten Island, NY- July 5-12. H2O middle school students serving at New Hope Church. Led by Pastor Kevin, cost approx. $1,000.

4. Cupcini, Moldova- late June to early July. English camp with Moldova for Christ. Led by Mitch Pezzi, cost approx. $2,000.

5. San Salvador, El Salvador- July 28-August 5. H2O high school students. Lead by Pastor Kevin, cost approx. $1,400.

6. Guatemala City, Guatemala- August 15-22. Building a home for the poor with Give & Teach. Leader TBD, approx. cost $1,000.
7. Roatan, Honduras - October 21-28. Serving Greenfield Orphanage with Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries. Lead by Bill and Sandi Spencer, approx. cost $1,000.

8. San Juan, Dominican Republic- October. Building a playground with Kids Around the World. Lead by Pastor Kurt and George Waters, approx. cost $1,500.

Coming Up!

Trailways Camp- May 21-24

It's time for another Trailways Camp! This is a wonderful opportunity to serve adults with disabilities. SCC Members Jerry and Sharon Miller have done a stellar job meeting so many needs. Click here to sign up to help or visit the SCC courtyard May 3 and 10!

Rekindle the Flame- July 22-26

A group from SCC will again be traveling to Athens, GA to attend Rick Bonfim Ministries' REKINDLE THE FLAME. This is a time of refreshing and renewal in the Holy Spirit. There are dynamic speakers, extended and expressive worship, and lots of altar ministry. Click here to register or contact Pr. Brad for more info.

The Owen Family Departure- June 2015

The time is quickly approaching for The Owens to be relocated back to Papua New Guinea. While we hate to see them go, we are so excited that they are stepping in to full-time, cross-cultural ministry again. We are helping them collect the many items that they will need on the field. Please click here to help!

Check out this video from the Cuba trip!

Cuba Draft 1

George Waters travels to Dominican Republic with Rev. Suarez

2015 April Dominican Mission Trip

Special Missions Offering Results this Year

Jan- Renew World Outreach- $3,832

Feb- Feed the 5000 Now- $50,000

March- Amy Burns (YWAM)- $6,679

April- New Hope Church (Staten Island)- $14,887