Dec & Jan TEAM Nation Recognition!

So proud of you all - GROW BIG as we head into GTC zone!

Doherty, Muegge & Vigil REGIONS!

We're so proud of all of you listed below….continue chase your dreams by saying goodbye to those inevitable fears! You are a difference maker, and we're thrilled to honor your achievements! Please let your upline RVP and I know if your name is missing from any category, we want to be sure and congratulate you!

Picture below in red should read: I am so proud of OUR TEAM~!!!!!!!!!!


DANA WANSCHURA (sponsored by EAM Clare Boyle, MN !)

District Managers -in-Qualification

Julie Boyle

Lindsey Cegla

Annette Eland

Joanne Evind

Courtney Higginbotham

Natalie Barron

Stephanie Beard

Jeff Muegge

Leslie Brazil

Top Personal $150+ Sponsoring!!!!

January: Kendra Cannoy = 12

December: Deborah Wynn = 5

(November: Celeste Splan = 11)

DM Bonus Earners (extra $200) x2= both months~!!!

Kendra Cannoy x2

Tina Ory

Trish Muegge

Clare Boyle

Melissa Hamilton

Area Bonus (extra $400)

Stacie Granada-Vigil

RVP Bonus

Jenni Doherty x2

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