Welcome mom and dad

Fourth grade class

Fifth grade rocks

We get to use MacBooks and iPads. In October we will get to dissect a cow's eye. We also get to go to the Great Hall for recess. Later in the year, if we behave and we had a good day, we will have a chance to play on the computer during lunch. We change tables every week or 2 weeks.

UN trip

UN Trip and What We Learned

We went to the UN trip on Thursday. It was really cool. We had a tour guide that showed us the Great Assembly hall, where they do all the assemblies. All 193 countries were there. They had space for all 193 countries. Imagine how much space that takes. The tour guide also showed us the land mines and how they affect the world. The UN trip was awesome. It is probably the best trip that we are going to have. Fifth grade is awesome so far.