Genetically Modified Food

Point of view : Farmers

History,key people,First tests

History—Plants and animals he been improved by selectively breeding now with more advanced systems its been possible to genetically modify food.

Key people—Rachel Carson , Robert Fraley,John Deere,Eli Whitney.

First tests —First field test in 1987 the spring of 1987 in Tulelake,a tiny California farming town four miles from the Oregon border .

Technology In Genetically Modified Foods

Types—(Most common)Corn,soy,Alfafa,Canola,Sugar Beets,and Milk.

Benefits—Corn: Food with better texture foods with a longer shelf life for easier shipping .

Risks— Pregnant woman find babies can be hurt and animals die .

Genetically Modified food can help as well as cause side effects .

Risks for genetically modified food are really high but it improves crop production and protection


Who? EPA regulates biopesticides, including Bt toxins.

What? Plants or animals that have undergone a process that changes DNA as desired to obtain desired traits like disease tolerance .

Why? Objectives of Genetically modified foods are to improve market buisness and crop protection .

How? Organisms have been examined in labs to reproduce or replicate DNA for organism to organism for desired traits .