VALTS Back to School

Volume 1

VALTS Deploys Chromebooks

After careful consideration the decision was made to purchase 25 Chromebooks for VALTS students. We are one of the first schools in western Nebraska to get Chromebooks! A Chromebook resemble a traditional laptop, but there are some important differences. First, Chromebooks run on the Chrome operating system. Users can browse the Internet, use Google Apps, and download a variety of apps from the Chrome web store. Users can further enhance and customize their experience by adding extensions to their Chrome browser. We are very excited to see the wonderful things our students create with the new Chromebooks!

Teacher Contact Information


VALTS students will be creating their own e-portfolios. Students will highlight their projects, certificates, and accomplishments on their own Google Sites. The teachers are looking forward to helping the students create a professional looking product to share with potential employers. We will share examples once the students get going on them!

New Teacher


My name is Katie Juarez and I am the new science instructor for VALTS/NEVA. I live in Wyoming with my wonderful husband and our new daughter who was born in May. My love of horses, experience as a riding instructor and work as a veterinary technician helped to foster my passion for teaching and the sciences.

I have been enjoying getting to know the phenomenal team of educators and administrators at VALTS and NEVA. I am thrilled to be a part of this program and am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for science and to being an inspiring, encouraging force in the lives of young people!