forest brothers of Estonia

Gavin Regnier

I am doing my project on the Estonian forest brothers. The Estonian forest brothers were a group of normal Estonian's that are mostly made up of men. They wanted to take Estonia back from the soviet union. They protested in many different ways that i will explain later on. i have three different websites that i will get my information from.

who were the forest brothers?

The forest brothers were a group of Estonians who were mostly male. They get there name from having to hide in the forest for cover from soviet officers. they abandoned there old life and hide in the woods. most of the members of the forest brothers were armed with firearms. which they used to openly fire at soviet officers/goverment.

They goals of the forest brothers. What did they do to accomplish this.

One of the goals of the forest brothers is to regain there independence and take back Estonia. They were going to accomplish this by attacking the soviet officers. They also wanted to completely terminate the soviet union. There attacks would be as harmless as vandalism to as extreme as open fire on soviet civilians.

The punishment of being a forest brother.

The punishment of being a forest brother was going to the prison or the camp to die. Most forest brothers member was shot and killed on sight.It was a hard life for being a forest brother and there was a chance of death at every moment. So because of that they had to be alert at every moment.
This is all about that i learned about the forest brothers. I think the forest brothers are very interesting and I would like to learn more. One of my favorite things that i learned that random Estonians would give op there old life for a chance at freedom. I think that it would be cool to be a forest brother.