Reed's September/October Newsletter

Looking forward to a great year!

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September Students of the Month

Reed students who demonstrated responsible citizenship throughout September were celebrated in a very special way. Three students from each classroom were recognized for their outstanding efforts. Students nominated for this prestigious honor demonstrated the 3 B's in our pledge consistently throughout the month.

All students nominated for the monthly award were recognized and celebrated at the school. The District 92 Foundation for Educational Excellence generously funded the lawn signs for this school-wide project. Look for Student of the Month signs soon in your neighborhood!

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Volunteers Needed

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. We're looking for parent volunteers to assist in a variety of ways in our building. Volunteering is a great opportunity to be involved in your child's school. Below are areas where we could use your assistance:

*Copy, Laminate, and Cutting



*Daily Reshelving of Library Books

*Book Fair

Flyers were sent home with your child earlier in the month. Please contact Lisa Szymanski in the office should you have any questions.

Back at Reed: Composer of the Month

Each month students will learn about a new composer during their Monday Morning Meeting with Mrs. Slee. Mrs. Riopell, our music teacher, will create a corresponding bulletin board in the music room. We kicked off September with George Gershwin. Composers for the upcoming months are as follows:

October-Johannes Brahms

November-Frederic Chopin

December-Ludwig Van Beethoven

January-Lin-Manuel Miranda

February-Louis Armstorng

March-Amy Beach

April-Charlie Parker

May-Irving Berlin

Click here to watch a short presentation on George Gershwin:

Allergy Safety

In our continued efforts to keep all our children safe, Ms. Little, our PE teacher, recently showed the Kyle Dine and Friends DVD to her classes. Students learned about food allergies through the use of songs, puppets, and games.

It's important to keep children informed about food allergies so they and their friends can remain safe during school. We're off to a great and safe year!

At-Home FAMILY Math Problem of the Month

Each monthly newsletter will include at-home practice problems that families can complete together. Please send to school any completed problems for display on our Family Math Wall.


Problem 1:

Mrs. Thompson's second grade class is studying geese. The geese have started to leave on their winter migration. During a class field trip, the class saw two flocks of geese flying by. The first flock had 81 geese in it. The second flock had 17 geese in it.

Write the math equation:___________________________

How many geese did the class see in all?_____________________________

Problem 2:

Mary is going to the market to sell some of her garden vegetables. She would like to sell her basket of tomatoes for $16.92 and her box of cucumbers for $17.82. She also has a giant pumpkin that she hopes to sell for $14.16. How much money does Mary hope to earn by selling her vegetables.

Write the math equation:___________________________

How much does Mary hope to earn?_____________________________

Complete either or both of the problems? Send your completed problems back to school where they can be displayed on our Family Math Problems Wall.

Reed Halloween Celebration Guidelines

Our Halloween parade will be held on, Wednesday, October 31st at 10:15. Room parties will begin immediately after the parade from 10:30-11:30. Weather permitting, we will parade around the building so parents can get viewing posts anywhere around the front and west parking lot. October 31st is also an early dismissal day with an 11:55 dismissal so no lunches will be served.

Room parents please remember we need to have bus ramp and west parking lot clear for dismissal procedures. Also a reminder, no food treats are to be sent to school with students; Reed is FOOD FREE in all classrooms. Students can share pencils, stickers, and other non-food Halloween items.

Please follow the guidelines below when choosing costumes to be worn at school:

1. Students may wear costumes that are appropriate for the grades at Reed School (please no daggers, swords, guns, or other sharp toys or objects will be allowed. Please leave those at home)

2. We ask that children not exhibit missing body parts or gross “wounds”. Regular make-up may be used to give the proper effect. (Example, white make-up for vampires) We also ask that students not use artificial blood. Sometimes the liquid gets on other people and ruins their outfit or clothing.

3. We ask that parents see to it that costumes, which glorify real life bad people, are not worn to school.

4. No costume may promote the use of tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

5. All traditional costumes and most of the new costumes are very welcome and recommended. Teachers, staff, and parents who are helping with parties are welcome to “dress-up”.

Thank you for your cooperation. Everyone wants our children to have fun and be safe.

The Second Step Program: Addressing the Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards

For Families

To kick off our Second Step Program, our school-wide theme was our school as a welcoming place where every student feels like he or she belongs. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we reminded students to welcome others and act and speak in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. In addition we reminded students of our school rules. (See the Three B's listed with the Student of the Month article.)

We’ll also begin teaching the Second Step program, which includes lessons that support these behaviors.

Support your child at home in welcoming others and acting and speaking in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. Please tell your child’s teacher if you have questions about specific ways you can help your child with these behaviors at home.

During October, our school-wide theme is skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, using self-talk to stay on-task, and being assertive when asking for help with a learning task. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students of these skills, which help students be successful learners.

Second Step lessons teach skills for learning. You’ll be receiving Home Links describing why these skills are important and including fun activities to do with your child to practice them. We hope you enjoy them!

On a related note, we are also incorporating "mindfulness" into our Monday Morning Meetings with students. The dictionary defines mindfulness as "a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique". Ms. Yacobi is leading these discussions, which emphasizes ways students can relax, reflect, and prepare for their day at school.

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Meet the Reed School Family; This Year's School-Wide Theme

This year's building-wide theme is based on the children's book The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf. It's message is simple: "Shane DeRolf's deceptively simple poem celebrates the creation of harmony through diversity. In combination with Michael Letzig's vibrant illustrations, young readers will understand that when we all work together, the results are much more colorful and interesting." Every student and staff member colored a crayon that now adorns the walls of our building. We're so excited to share and celebrate everyone's individuality.
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Red Ribbon Week 2018: Mark Your Calendars! October 22-26

Monday- “Sock it to drugs”-- wear crazy socks

Tuesday: “Don’t let drugs turn you inside out”- Wear clothes inside out

Wednesday: “Living drug free is no sweat”- Wear sweats or comfy clothes

Thursday: “Team up against drugs”- sports team or a favorite jersey

Friday: “Stand up and say no!”-- Wear D92 attire

Eagle Scout Candidate Gives Back to Reed School and the D92 School Community

Students at Reed School have a new, cool spot to hang out and talk with friends during recess. This bench was designed and built by Eagle Scout candidate Nick Martin, a junior at Lockport Township High School. Nick attended Reed School and wanted to give back to the D92 School Community. Thanks to this new addition, students now have "Buddy Benches" located in two areas of the playground. When Principal Cathy Slee met with students to talk about the new bench, the students shared that it's a great place to just sit and relax. One student spoke up and said, "Please tell the builder we said thanks." Yes, thank you, Nick, for creating this inviting and welcoming spot for friends at Reed School.

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Mid-Trimester Progress Updates

This year we're trying something new. We will not be sending home paper progress reports. Beginning Friday, October 5th, log into Power School to see your child's most current, up-to-date grades. If you need assistance logging into Power School, please contact Mrs. Cialoni or Mrs. Syzmanski in the front office. Feel free to reach out to your child's teacher should you have any questions regarding grades.

Bus Reminders

Just a gentle reminder: Please be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to its expected arrival. Bus arrival times both to and from school can vary on any given day due to after school clubs and activities, student absences, etc. We thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Thank You to the Lockport Rotary Club

Lockport Rotary Club members recently visited our third grade classes to present the students with individual dictionaries that they can keep as a tool as they progress through the grades. We look forward to their annual visit and thoughtful gift that keeps on giving as the students grow academically.

Students Act as CSI Scientists During On-Site Assembly

Using the scientific method, students were asked to use clues to help solve the "cat napping" crime at the Animal Island Rescue Center. Students learned about DNA, fingerprints, acids and bases, and how black lighting can be used to see what the eye can't see on its own. The students enjoyed the hands-on experience acting as real-life scientists!

Reed School Introduces Its Mileage/Running Club

Have you heard the news? We're excited to share that due to the generosity of the D92 Educational Foundation for Educational Excellence, we were able to create a Mileage/Running Club for our students. Interested students will be able to run at recess and earn toe tokens for their efforts. Keeping kids fit while having fun at recess- it doesn't get much better than that! We're always accepting new members!
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News from the Art Room

This month the 2nd grade students will be learning about the life and art of Pablo Picasso. We'll be creating Cubist portraits in the style of Picasso, but with a Halloween twist!

The 3rd grade students will be working on a fall printmaking project. We'll be printing real leaves using white paint on black paper, then adding color and shading with colored pencils.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday, Nov. 19th, 1pm

14939 West 143rd Street

Homer Glen, IL

Monday Conferences fun from 1:00-8:00 P.M. Additional information regarding signing up for conferences will be forthcoming.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Nov. 20th, 8am

14939 West 143rd Street

Homer Glen, IL

Tuesday Conferences run from 8:00-A.M.- 3:00 P.M. Additional information regarding signing up for conferences will be forthcoming.