Why Littering is Bad

By: Sky Bowers

Have you ever thought about how the earth would look like without someone's nasty and dirty garbage on the ground? Maybe it's yours? If you don't litter and you know someone who does tell them "it's not good for the Inviroment." The most please that garbage ends up is in the Garbage Patch.

The Garbage Patch

Did you know that there is a garbage patch in the ocean? The garbage weighs about 3 1/2 million ton. It is about twice the size of Texas. The garbage is not patch together so the size changes, but it will almost always twice the size of Texas or larger. The water moves in a slow circle the pushes the garbage together. You should think about how the garbage absorbs the chemicals from the oil spills.


Did you know that there is poison in the plastic? The estimated amount of plastic in the ocean is 500 million ton. A lot of the pieces of plastic comes for bigger pieces. The stuff you put on the ground,know where near an ocean, can en up in the garbage patch. The animals, that think that the plastic and other garbage looks like food, will eat it.

Tha Animals

Did you know that the animals get sick from eating the garbage. It blocks there digestive track. It takes more than a mouth to digest it. The animals can starve if they are not treated. 1,000,000 birds die and 100,000,000 other marine animals some people help kill them by littering. They are to lazy to find some where to throw it away.

Why Should We STOP Litering

What if we don't have a garbage can? The easy answer to that is hold on to it until you find one. But what if we are to lazy to hold on to it? Then DEAL with it. What if we are driving and it is a new car? Don't take food into the car that needs thrown away. I hope after you read this you came to your senses and stopped littering
Have you ever thought about how much damage we are doing to the earth? By littering we are making the garbage patch way to big. The plastic is poison. The animals are dying. To help save the earth to not be one big garbage patch. Get a large garbage and PICK THE GARBAGE UP! Even if it's not yours!


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