The Candy Cane Palace

Briaysia, Reagan, Avery

Our shop sells the best candy canes in the world since 1999

1candy cane costs c 25 cents 5 candy canes cost a $1 see what i meen

come to our shop any time of day

the shop opens at 6:00 am

it closes at 9:00 pm

The Candy Cane Palace

We love giving out Candy canes so much so we are starting some thing it starts through december all through march we will through in a extra candy cane for free come on down only at the candy cane palace Thank you very much you are very sweet.

by Bri.W Megan.T Reagan.M and Avery.A

Our Candy Canes

we give you receive we love giving are candy cane out and you can't stop us at all we will keep this business up forever because we love candy canes thats why we started are business

by bri megan avery and reagan

are video

we will be making a video and it will be all about are candy canes thank you

by Briaysia.W Megan .T Avery.A Reagan.M