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September 20, 2020

Smore Newsletters

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Welcome to the Smore update for AVHS for the week of September 20, 2020. As we continue into this school year, we will communicate important information each week via Smore newsletters. Links to these newsletters will be e-mailed and texted home when new information is available. You can also find links to past newsletters on the AVHS website.

Important Dates

  • Digital Academy Student Picture Day: Wednesday, September 30, times TBD
  • Cohort A Picture Day: Thursday, October 1
  • Cohort B Picture Day: Friday, October 2
  • ACT for all students in Grade 12: Tuesday, October 6
  • PreACT for all students in Grade 11: Wednesday, October 7

Message from the Principal

Dear AVHS Families,

Last week we welcomed our students back to the building for the first time since March of last school year. Though many of us have never slept great before "the big first day", this year obviously felt different. And then it happened... The first buses pulled in, kids waved goodbye to anxious parents at the drop-off loop, and dutifully "masked up" as they returned to AVHS. Yes, it's been A LOT of work on everyone's behalf AND it was worth it!

My morning routine has always been to greet our students at the front doors and give fist bumps. Well, in accordance with health guidelines, fist bumps have given way to a rare "elbow bump", but seeing our students arrive continues to be the highlight of my day. While I appreciate connecting with colleagues, you can ask any administrator, paraprofessional, cook, custodian, secretary, or teacher at AVHS and they'll tell you the same thing- it's all about, and always has been, the kids. So thanks. Thanks for sharing your most wonderful human beings with us every day. I couldn't be more thankful for who they are and what they bring to our lives. And I am so proud of them for wearing their masks without protest.

When things got hard for me this week with lots of details to manage and worries about "getting it right", it helped to take a pause and remember how grateful I am for our dedicated staff who are working long days and nights to show up courageously for kids. I'm also finding that I feel better about life when I remember what makes me grateful: our seniors who welcomed students back with donuts and drink boxes, for my wife and kids who held down the fort while I've been away so much, and for my parents' health. So here's my challenge to all of us in the AVHS community- let's take some time to identify what we are grateful for and share that gratitude with others. I'll be posting tweets of appreciation this week with the hashtag #AVHSGratitude and encourage you to do the same as we recognize the people who make AVHS an amazing school community.

Take care. Be well. Go Eagles!

Drew Mons, Principal

AVHS Tech Help

The technology staff at AVHS created a website for students and parents to connect with them with questions about technology use. Questions about iPads, Schoology, Campus, and more can all be answered by submitting your question to avhstech.help. Reach out through the website (link below) and our staff will be in contact with an answer.
Need Tech Help? Click Here

avhstech.help is a one-stop shop for technology related questions for students, parents, and staff.

Students Must Check In For Attendance On All At-Home Learning Days!

  • On days when your student attends class at AVHS, teachers will take their attendance during each period.
  • On all other school days students, including Digital Academy students, will check in on their student Campus app to check-in for their attendance for the day. Navigate to Attendance->Check-Ins and then click "Yes, I'm here to check in for the day". Students in Cohorts A and B will use this process on school days when they are not scheduled to be at Apple Valley. Students in Digital Academy will do this every school day.
At-Home Attendance Check-In Directions

Students in hybrid learning are responsible for checking in for attendance on days they are learning at home. Students in Digital Academy are responsible for checking in for attendance everyday. This link contains directions on how to check in.

VIDEO: At-Home Attendance Check-In

A short video that shows the process of checking in for attendance using Infinite Campus. For help logging into Infinite Campus, visit https://avhstech.help

Hybrid and Distance Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a number of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the school year in a one-stop document. You can access this FAQ by clicking here.


Order a yearbook during the back to school special for only $75 before 9/25. That’s the lowest price of the year! Yearbooks are ordered directly through Jostens.com. Enter Apple Valley High School, MN as the school info.

Schedule Information

Orientation Videos

Welcome to AVHS 2020-2021
AVHS 2020-2021 The Hybrid Experience

Hybrid Schedule at Apple Valley

For more information about Hybrid and Digital Academy schedules and expectations, please visit the Back to School 2020-21 section of the AVHS website.

School Hours

  • Doors Open: 7:30 a.m.

  • Arrival of Buses: 7:35 a.m. (approx.)

  • Start of School (1st or 5th hour): 8:00 a.m.

  • End of School (4th or 7th hour): 1:40 p.m.

  • 196 Digital Academy Synchronous Zoom Sessions: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

  • Doors Close: 1:50 p.m. (exception allowed for students involved in co-curricular activities)

Before and After School

  • The building will be open at 7:30am. The school day ends at 1:40 and students must leave the building at that time (unless they are rostered in a cocurricular activity scheduled for that day). Please plan your transportation to and from Apple Valley to allow for these times.
  • When students enter the building they will have two options; either to eat breakfast or go directly to their first classroom scheduled for the day.
  • Students participating in cocurricular athletic and other activities and are on the program’s roster, will be allowed to remain in the building on in-person learning days, if needed, between 1:40pm (end of school day) and 3:30pm (start of practice).
  • For students in our District 196 Academy or for cohort A or B students at home during their distance learning days, the building will open at 3:00pm to arrive for cocurricular activities.

Health and Safety at Apple Valley

COVID Decision Tree for Students

Please click on the button to review the District 196 decision tree for students and families to follow if they are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Attendance Guide for Parents and Families

Please click on the button to read important information about attendance for students and parents.

What To Do While You Wait For A COVID-19 Test Result

Please click on the button to read important information from the Minnesota Department of Health.

If You've Had Close Contact With A Person With COVID-19

Please click on the button to read important information from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Food Service and Free & Reduced Price Meals

Information for menus, meal and a la carte pricing may be accessed at the link provided below. Your family may qualify for free or reduced price school meals. All students approved will receive school meals at no cost which includes breakfast and lunch. This program also waives cocurricular activity fees for the student. You are encouraged to apply with the link below.

Please note: Families must apply for Free & Reduced Price Lunch qualification every year.

Free meals extended for District 196 students this fall

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced a short-term extension to its free meals program and will provide school meals at no cost to all students. The program will last until funding runs out. We will announce when the program ends.

Click Here for Free/Reduced Lunch Program Application

The application can be filled out online through PayPAMS, the district's food service accounting system. Please note a new application must be filled out every year.

Click Here to Order Meals for Distance Learning Days

Opt-in your student(s) for take-home meals that will support them during their distance learning days. Meals will be distributed before the release of your student at the end of the in-person learning day.

Click Here for 5-Day Meal Kits for Digital Academy

Opt-in your student(s) for five-day meal kits (five breakfasts and five lunches) to support them during the 196 Digital Academy. The five-day meal kits will be distributed Wednesdays from 10-11 a.m. at AVHS

Parking Permits

Apple Valley High School issues parking permits for each trimester. The parking fee for 2020-21 is $24. Fall permits are available on MyPaymentsPlus beginning on Monday, August 31. Payment must be submitted along with the online application. All outstanding fees/fines must be paid in full in order to receive a parking permit; fees/fines may be paid online. Fall permits will be distributed in Advisory once the school year begins.
Click Here to Purchase a Parking Permit

Fall permits are available on MyPaymentsPlus beginning on Monday, August 31. Payment must be submitted along with online application. Fall permits will be distributed in Advisory once the school year begins.

Infinite Campus/Schoology/MyPaymentsPlus/PayPAMS

District 196 uses several systems to organize and share information with students and families.

Students and families new to District 196:

  • Login Information will be sent via email from Apple Valley High School in mid-August.
  • For MyPaymentsPlus and PayPAMS registration, please select "Minnesota" for the state and "Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan-ISD196" for the School District name.

Students and families continuing in District 196:

  • Continue using existing login credentials for Campus and Schoology
  • Families will need to create new login credentials for MyPaymentsPlus and PayPAMS. Please select "Minnesota" for the state and "Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan-ISD196" for the School District name.

2020-21 Plan Regarding Damage to District-Issued iPads

What happens if the iPad issued by the school district gets damaged?

In previous years, the district offered an Optional Protection Plan for $20/device to assist families with accidental damage costs. However, due to the economic effect the pandemic has had on families as well as the conversion this summer from FeePay to MyPaymentsPlus as our online payment system, the decision was made to automatically enroll ALL iPads with this coverage at no cost to families for the 2020-21 school year.

What this means is the first incident (non-intentional damage) on each iPad that results in the district being charged will be covered by the district. Beyond that, the following will apply:

  • There is a $40 deductible for the 2nd incident

  • If there is a 3rd incident, the school and family will work out a plan that makes sense for each situation

  • Intentional damage to an iPad is not covered (including 1st incident)

  • Lost iPads are not covered and must be fully replaced by the family (estimated at $344) unless a police report is provided indicating the iPad was stolen in which case, it will be replaced at no cost to the family

  • Power cords/bricks are not covered under this plan as any replacements for those will be the responsibility of the family (unless covered under warranty)

Email Communication/Announcements

Apple Valley High School uses the e-mail addresses on file through Campus Parent Portal to send e-mail communications and announcements. If needed, you may update your email for your Campus Parent Portal account.