Callahan's Corner

14th Edition, January 10, 2016


CUDOS to everyone for a smooth return to the grind after a nice, relaxing break! We got NINE new students this week. Thanks for making all of them feel welcome in their new surroundings.


Benchmark testing is upon us! Mari has worked hard to organize small groups so that every child has the best opportunity to do well. Please make sure your students are quiet during passing times.

2nd/3rd grade Honor's Assemblies are Wednesday morning at 8:30am, and 4th/5th grades are at 1:45pm. Tiffany will be working on certificates, and PTA will be counting spirit sticks!


January 18th: This is one of those holidays that says it's a workday, but you have already completed the work for it. We do not have to come to work unless we have a bad weather day between now and then! We will be required to attend if it is used as a bad weather make up day.

Please be sure you are on time to work. This is the time of year where it's tough to get out from under the the warm covers, but it is still a requirement to be on time.

Students are not showing up to specials with their headphones / earbuds, and they are spending a lot of time hunting them down. Some end up working without them which is a distraction to others, especially when using iStation. Please send a note home to parents of students without them to send another set.


MONDAY: Superintendent will be here at 3:15pm to meet with ALL staff!! Please be sure you plan to attend! See me if you have a problem.

January 13: Honor's Assembly 8:30am for 2nd/3rd grade

Januayr 13: Honor's Assembly 1:45pm for 4th/5th grade

January 14: Honor's Assembly 9:30am for Kindergarten

January 14: FIRE DRILL @ 2:00pm

January 15: STUDENT CHOICE TIME at 1:45! This will be our final meeting with our current groups! We will sign up for new groups prior to the next club day!

January 20: Campus Spelling Bee for 3rd-5th grades, 8:15am

LOTS OF ARDs this month!! Please be sure you are aware of any that include you!


Congratulations to Gail Dolle on reaching retirement status! While we hate to lose her here, we are VERY excited for what her future holds! She has promised to come volunteer as soon as it is "legal" for her to do so. We plan to honor her with a get-together in Amy and Gail's classroom on January 27th immediately after school. Plan to come by and thank her for her service and wish her the best!!