The Annexation of Texas


Issues With Mexico

Slavery Question

Manifest Destiny

War With Mexico

Since Texas joined with U.S. there might be problems between Mexico.The Mexicans will cause problems by not falling the borders they set. The Texans say it is the Rio Grande and the Mexicans think it is the Nueces River. Also when Texas try to move towards California to get more land for the U.S. the Mexicans will get mad.


Since Texas got annexet the slavery people loss there rights and freedom. They loss owning land, business, and keeping slaves. Slaves thought that Manifest Destiny was that they were trying to expand slavery. It took so long to be annexet because the United States didn't want another slave state.

Manifest Destiny

Texans thought they were ment to travel to new land while a angel was following them to keep them safe. They headed to California as Manifest Destiny to get more land for the United States. The Texans dream of Manifest Destiny was one step closer to being fulfilled. All this Manifest Destiny was causeing the Mexicans to get angry because they thought it was there land.