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Week of 9/21/15

Wow! Just like that the 9 weeks is done. The 9 weeks is officially over on Tuesday. Please let Janell know when you are ready to print. She will print 2 copies for you so you have one for conferences.

Please turn in a copy of your P/T Conference Schedule to the office as soon as you finalize it.

Fall Pictures

Fall pictures (the ones that are used for the yearbook) will be taken on Tuesday, October 13. All staff will need to get their picture taken for the yearbook.

School Fundraiser

Our school fundraiser will begin on Monday, October 12th. We will be selling Tritan Tuff cups (similar to Tervis Tumblers). The "Fundraiser guy" will talk to the students about the fundraiser during their lunch time. Students will be able to earn extra bouncy house time! As students sell items, they can turn in their fundraising slip to you in the morning. If you will simply put it in your hot pocket, then our Fundraising Fairies will put their "prize" in your box.

Money should not be turned in until the last day. However, we know that some parents will sell and want to go ahead and send it back. If you receive order forms and money before the turn in date, go ahead and send it up.

Depending on how well the fundraiser does, classroom teachers will receive a set amount to spend on either technology for their classroom or different types of seating for their classroom to thank you for your help in reaching our fundraising goal!

Book Character Pumpkin Contest Reminders--From Pam Sowell

If you have a chance can you remind your students and parents about our Storybook Pumpkin Patch. Could you put it in your news letter please?

They may bring decorated pumpkins beginning next week. No carved pumpkins. A note went home this week.If someone is having trouble understanding what we want guide them to google storybook pumpkin decorations. They have tons of examples. Also a few have sent the green slips in without a pumpkin. The green slips should be with a pumpkin.

NO PLCs this week or next!

Use this extra time to help you prepare report cards and for conferences!

Student Phone Calls

Please be careful about sending students up to use the phone during the school day. If students are unsure about how to get home, then we will call. However, students should not be sent down to call if they don't like what's for lunch or if they forgot their homework. Students should take................


10/10- Team Jaycee FSM5K

10/12- RTI meeting.........................Happy Birthday, Melissa Seigrist!

10/13- Fall Pictures

10/16- CHS Homecoming--- District Dismissal at 2:15, Parade begins at 3:45

10/19- P/T Conferences--District Dismissal at 2:15

10/20- P/T Conferences--- District Dismissal at 2:15

10/22- P/T Conferences--District Dismissal at 2:15

10/23-No SCHOOL!

10/26-10/30- Red Ribbon Week

10/30-Fall Festival

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