English Language Arts

February Newsletter

Pearson EasyBridge Update

The EasyBridge link has now been added to the staff and student page on the Blue Valley website. This should make access to the link a bit more user friendly for both staff and students.

As of Tuesday, February 2nd, rosters will look different in the Pearson portal. The roster names will now include the class hour at the beginning of the roster name to help teachers better determine what roster represents the specific hour.

Using Memes in the Classroom

Memes in the classroom can promote student engagement, can be used with content teaching, reinforcing skills or behaviors, and can also be a great way to assess students by having them create their own meme to showcase their understanding. Having students create memes is also a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Below are some great resources for using, finding, and creating memes.

Tech Tools:

Kansas Youth Writing Contest

The Kansas Book Festival Writing Contest is accepting essays from students in grades 3-12. The theme this year is "Kansas People". Many people have helped to make Kansas the great state it is today. Identify a person from the past who has contributed to Kansas and write a tribute to this person. Describe what the person did to promote Kansas and how these actions helped to make Kansas what it is today.

Essays are due April 30, 2016. Cash prizes will be given for the top two essays at grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 in each of the state's congressional districts.

Upcoming Professional Development

February 23rd- 1:45-3:15

Tech tools for the ELA classroom that promote collaboration, student engagement, and inquiry. We will be meeting at Lakewood Middle School. More details to come on the exact locations.

March 10th- 8:00-3:45

Choice Learning Conference planning in progress.

April 18- 8:00-11:15

MDPT scoring day in your building.

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