Lincoln School News

The first Leader in Me School in Wisconsin!

Leaders all around!

Wow! I have been so impressed with the students and their ability to think about the world around them, care for others, and put service into action! I have included a few pictures that show some of the current projects students have been working on both in the school environment and in our community!

Spaghetti Dinner!

Our family spaghetti dinner will be held right here at Lincoln on Thursday, October 12th from 5:00-6:30 PM. Money raised goes to supporting the scholarship fund. Special thanks to Diane Dalzin for coordinating this event, and to all who donated, came to eat, and/or volunteered!

Thanks in advance for coming out and supporting such a great cause!

Wednesday Communicator

Thanks to our awesome volunteer, Kathy Ross, we are able to try something new this year! Only the oldest child or only child will receive the Wednesday Communicator (white envelope, comes on Wednesday), for the family. The key will be to return the envelope EVERY week after you have looked through it and emptied it. That way we can re-stuff the following week.

Thanks for helping us be mindful of our environment and decrease the amount of paper being sent, and returning your envelope each week!

Book Fair!

Thank you to Michelle Marshall and all our volunteers who have helped make our Book Fair a HUGE success! The daily activities have kept the students excited and engaged with reading! The Book Fair ends this Friday.

Survey Link

As we continue to try and enhance the opportunities we offer to students through our Leader in Me process and training, we ask that you take the time to fill out the parent survey sent to you in an IC blast or linked to our facebook. This must be filled out by October 15th. We thank you in advance for your help!

Lot Safety

PLEASE drive slowly and carefully when coming in the morning to drop off your child or coming to pick them up. We will not allow them to run to you in the parking lot. You must make the circle and stay in the line, or park and walk on over to the lines. This is the safest (and only) option.

Also, as students and caregivers cross, please observe the crosswalks. If you are walking with your child, do not weave in and out of cars, use the crosswalks. Thank you in advance for helping keep everyone safe.

Parking and Bike Racks

Please do NOT park in the handicap parking spots, if you are not a registered person to park there. We do have parents using this to assist their children (or adults) in wheelchairs and MUST keep these available for them. Thank you!

We have additional bike racks now in the front of school. Please remind your child to park their bikes there, wear their helmets, ride safely, and never ride in the parking lot.

Partners in Education

Thanks for always supporting your child in school! We are so grateful for the wonderful partnership we have here at Lincoln between home and school! This is a GREAT school to be learning and growing within!