Safety Protocols

I wanted to once again share the safety protocols that are in place at Oster. I know I cannot diminish all fears, but I'm hoping the more information I provide, the less anxiety people will have. As I mentioned in my email sent on Thursday, February 15th, we have no guarantees, but the Oster staff is diligent about having safe procedures in place to ensure the safety of our students.

  • We were fortunate to be one of the first schools with perimeter fencing, so we are a closed campus during our school day.
  • All gates are locked 10 minutes after school begins and unlocked 10 minutes before school ends.
  • The Oster staff was trained by the SJPD for "Shooter on Campus" safety procedures.
  • The Oster staff, along with 28 parents, police, and fireman volunteers, simulated a "Shooter on Campus" drill (but I announced it as an "Emergency Drill" so we did not alarm the children).
  • We practice fire and earthquake drills every month.
  • All classroom doors are to remain locked at all times.
  • All doors on our campus have magnets that allow doors to be kept slightly ajar, and then in case of an emergency, the magnet is removed and the door is securely locked.
  • All buildings have door sized plywood to add extra reinforcement to all the doors, making it more difficult to get into a building.
  • We work closely with Mr. Gil Smith, a retired fireman, who has helped us in creating an Incident Command Team at our site in case of a real emergency.
  • We use the buddy system for students whenever they have to leave the classroom during class time.
  • All kindergarten students must be with an adult when leaving their classroom.
  • All employees, including our noon duty personnel, must be fingerprinted.
  • We have discussed with all our students the importance of never opening our school gates for anyone.

If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to email me.

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Boosterthon is Our New Walkathon

This year, our Home and School Club has asked Boosterthon to organize, implement, and support us with the fundraising of our annual Walkathon. Boosterthon is a 9-day program that kicks off with a pep rally during lunch and continues daily with mini lesson on positive virtues. The package includes students being able to experience an amazing character theme, CASTLE QUEST, an English castle theme about being brave and living with character. On their quest to regain Bravemore Castle, students will learn the “SIX VIRTUES of a TRUE HERO” from a cast of colorful characters. It will be a exciting nine day experience for all of our students. Students will be encouraged to gather pledges for every lap they run (30-35 laps), or people can pledge a flat rate. New this year is the ability for family and friends to donate on-line, and our H&SC will be sending a flyer home with more information on how it all works. Our H&SC is hoping the Boosterthon experts will make our Walkathon more profitable, easier to organize, and more engaging for our students. We invite all our families to come out and cheer for your child on Thursday, March 29th. We are in the process of creating a detailed running schedule, so that families can plan to come during their child's running time. It will be sent home as soon as it is complete. Please mark your calendars because we hope to see all of our families there!

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is that time of the year again when parents have the opportunity to meet with their child’s classroom teacher and discuss their academic and social development in school. Conferences begin Thursday, March 8th, and continue through Friday, March 16th. We will have a 1:15 p.m. dismissal time throughout this conference period for grades 1st – 5th. TK and Kindergarten schedules remain the same. Your child’s teacher will be sending out a form to schedule a time to meet. Conferences allow teachers to share the progress of each child and provide parents the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and give input into the positive development of their child. It is important that children know that the success of their education is a team effort between home and school.

Pennies for Patients

This week and next week, February 26th-March 9th, we will be collecting pennies, or any other loose change, for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Cyndi Michael and Mrs. Danielle Blomseth, are running this fundraiser for our school. They have provided each class with a box in which they may collect coins throughout the week. The money collected will support patients and their families while going through the fight against cancer. The classroom with the most donated coins will receive a pizza party. There will be a winning class from K-2nd and a winning class from 3rd-5th. The Oster staff appreciates your support and generosity!