Battles of the American Revolution

Brian Flynn

What were the major battles?

The major battles of the war were Battle of Lexington and Concord-1775, Capture of Fort Ticonderoga-1775,Battle of Bunker Hill-1775, British Evacuation of Boston-1775-1776, Invasion of Quebec, Canada-1775, Battle of Long Island-1776, Battle of White Plains-1776, and Battle of Yorktown-1781
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What do you see as other possibilities if the French didn't join the war?

The British would've won because the colonists wouldn't have had the bayonet and the wouldn't have had the discipline the French taught them.

Who were the generals of the war?

The American General was George Washington and the British General was Charles Cornwallis

What was the major turning point of the war

The major turning of the war was Battle of Bunker Hill. It showed that the Americans could stand toe to toe with the best army in the world.

What helped to Americans win the war?

There were a couple things that helped them win the war. One of them was the Kentucky long rifle. It enabled them to shoot the red coats from a great distance. Another one was the French and their introduction to the bayonet. The French trained them in hand to hand combat and made them more discipline. The final reason was their reason for wanting to win the war. They wanted fairer treatment but then they were fighting for a new nation.

What is guerrilla warfare and why did the Americans use it?

Guerrilla warfare is when a a militia or armed civilians use military tactics like raids, ambushes and sabotages. They used it because they stood no chance against Britain in an open field shooting back and forth at each other.