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Tau is Wrong

What is Pi?

Pi is an infinite number, simplified to 3.14, equivalent to the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter, that is used in many different subjects. Some of the subjects pi is used in but not limited to are Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Trigonometry etc., and is also used in multiple countries all over the world including the United States, India, China, and the UK. Historically, Pi has been used in cultures such as Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Hebrew Culture, mainly for architectural use. There is not necessarily a person who discovered pi (the number) because it was likely that many made the discovery, but without anything to identify the number they may not have known exactly what they found. In the year of 1707 William Jones, a mathematician in Welsh, was the first to use the notion of Pi. He chose to use the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet to represent Pi. Some formulas that Pi is used in are:

  • Circumference of a circle
  • Area of a circle
  • Volume of a sphere
  • Surface area of a sphere
  • Integrals
  • Vieta's Formula
  • Leibnitz's Formula
  • Wallis Product
  • Lord Brouncker's Formula
  • Euler's Formula

What is Tau

Tau is also an infinitive number, simplified to 6.28, equal to circumference of a circle divided by its radius, meaning that it is equivalent to 2pi. Tau is used in higher levels of math, Physics, and, Biology. As of today Tau has not been adopted by any cultures. The US, UK and India are aware of the existence of tau, but aren't seriously considering replacing pi for tau. Tau originated in Greece to find the area of a circle. Al Kashi also had a major development of the accuracy of Tau. Where the number had only been a couple decimal places in the past, he accurately found many more through studying the number. Tau is considered necessary to simplify formulas using Pi. Some formulas that use tau include Euler's formula, the area of a circle, and circumference of a circle.

Click the link below and scroll to the last page to see a list of other formulas using tau.

Why is it Wrong?

Like Bob Palais says in the "Pi Is Wrong", the numbers themselves are not actually wrong. The argument is really on which one of the two would be more convenient. The reason that tau is not as convenient as pi is because pi is already used much more widely than tau. Trying to introduce tau to students would be very confusing. Also it would take a lot of time and money to replace tau with pi in text books and on national tests. Bob Palais is right. Most people are not open to the tau. If people are not open to it, it makes it that much harder for people to understand because they don't want to understand it.

Some of the formulas Tau and Pi are used in:

Why sould we keep pi?

Pi has been around for so long, it’s the only thing that people know how to use.
People will not be open to tau because they have used pi for their whole life.

Replacing Pi with Tau would be time consuming and expensive.
Teachers will have to spend quite some time teaching their student how to use tau and all the new formulas that go with it.
Pi is used in so many different subjects , so people planning on learning these would have to re-learn the new form, tau.
It would cost a lot of money to replace the textbooks that already have Pi in them with textbooks that either do not mention pi, or textbooks that at least reference tau

Pi is not confusing.
When people are taught the formulas for some time they can memorize them.

Pi is more convenient.
Pi is already around. Since it is easy to use there is no point replacing it with another number that is equivalent to double of it.

Pi is used all over the world but Tau is hardly used.
Many areas of the world that know about tau, such as the United States have shown no interest in changing Pi to Tau.

Pi is what we've always used. Why break tradition?

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