Arkansas Between Wars Infographic

- Sebastian Bedford

Arkansas Between Wars Entertainment

Between WWI and WWII in Arkansas, there were many forms of entertainment being spread around and becoming popular. A few of these forms of entertainment included Art, music, literature, jazz music, Films, carnivals, circuses, and of course baseball. Of these entertainments baseball and other sports was probably the most popular among younger people, which was true for the whole country at this point in time. There was a team called "The Little Rock Travelers" which was a little league team which ended up becoming the states only professional baseball team.

Arkansas Between Wars Oil & Boom Towns

In Arkansas, the first discovery of oil was found near a small southern Arkansan town called El Dorado. When it was found a huge wall of oil show high into the sky. The gusher spewed thousands of gallons of oil across local fields and farmlands. Once word got around about oil near El Dorado, people moved to the area very quickly which caused many of the towns around the area to have large spikes in population. By the end of the decade, the oil boom ended and there was a dramatic drop in production of oil, and there was a change from 58 million barrels, to 12 million. Despite this dramatic change, the oil boom was very important to Arkansas' history and economy.

Arkansas and the Flood of 1927

During 1927 in southern America, many states including Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana faced a devastating flood that spawned from the Mississippi River. Arkansas received the most damage of the seven states, with flooded water as far out as 50 or more miles. In some counties the water reached 30 feet deep, and people and animals had to climb on trees and wait to be rescued. The Red Cross opened 50 camps to help feed, shelter, and clothe many people from the delta region. In many places in Arkansas, the water took months for it to level enough for farmers to start farming again. Many people left the state due to damage of their farms/homes. In that year alone, Arkansas suffered from a $50 million dollar loss in property and crops.

Arkansas and The Great Deppression

In 1929, the worst economy crash in Arkansas' and all of America's history occurred which did not help arkansas in the situation that they were already dealing which was the flood of 1927 and the drought. Due to all the events in Arkansas, many people were struggling to afford food for their families or find a job, so they moved west to look for work. Families who were too poor to move west, often had to survive off of just one meal a day supplied by the Red Cross.