My Family Is My Community

Trisha B.

All About My Family Heritage

One of the most important community (in my opinion) is my family heritage.My heritage is like 98% Vietnamese and a little bit Chinese from my great grandparents.I do speak like half English and Vietnamese at my house,but I don't speak Chinese at all.I have lots of lots of cousins from Texas,Vietnam and Minnesota.What I do to help my community is like helping around,making dinner cleaning up and other things.Why is it very important to me is because I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.This community is awesome because your with your loved ones and there is never a dull moment with them you might fight with them or something like that,but everything isn't perfect in this world.My cousins and I are very creative we made a couple of games with the thing we have at home so it's one of a kind and it's really fun.When we eat it's usually rice for dinner and something else or like noodles/ramen and it's pretty good.We don't get sick of eating rice like everyday but I don't know why.One of my family member and his wife own a restraunt so we like to go eat there a couple times also.I am very happy where I am right now.

Behind The History| My father,mother,aunts,uncles,grandparents and my some of my older cousins were born in Vietnam.Then after a couple years my family moved to America to start a new fresh life.Most of my cousins lived in one house for a couple years and then one family started moving out then another and another till one family was still living in that one house.They live about 30 minutes away from St.Cloud so they are still pretty close.Expect like about 2 families they live in Detroit Lakes.We are visiting them for Christmas so that is going to be a blast for all of us.My father side of the family is still in Vietnam which means most of my moms side is in America.My grandmother makes the best food in the whole family (no lie) she makes the food for the family at Christmas every year so I guess that's a really good thing.Thats like all the history that I know of at the moment.

Other Things About My Community

My family is my community is very unoriginal.Why mine different from other cause is because they have been there for everything and it's been 12 years of course.My family also do Chinese New Year you celebrate by like getting money in like these red envelope and we eat and stuff like that together.I don't think I want like random strangers to be part of my community.I'd like to meet them and get to know them and stuff like that.We do celebrate Christmas and it's going to be very fun this year.