Fantastic Fourth Grade

Peek at the Week

Writing-We will begin learning the characteristics and components of expository texts, and will begin planning and developing an expository composition using particular graphic organizers. Later in the week, ask you child what types of leads are used for expository texts and what a thesis, or "central idea" is!

Reading-In reading we'll continue working on skills that make us better reader's of non-fiction text, specifically using texts that support our current Science objectives. We'll be practicing skills like drawing conclusions, determining facts from opinions, and comparing and contrasting differing ideas

Math-This week we'll be learning how to determine fraction and decimal equivalencies, in addition to developing some strategies to compare these amounts. We will look at real life examples of fractions and decimals, such as money, number lines, and measurements to build our understanding.

Science-We will begin learning more about weather and how to make predictions about weather conditions using weather maps and weather tools. Next we will begin investigating the moon phases and how that affects our Earth, such as with tides.

Texas History-The students have finished their PBL presentations and beginning to look at now the motivations for colonizing the new world.

PBL Presentation!

The students just finished their first PBL and while I was so sad to miss it, I heard they did awesome! They are presenting to me during class this week to show me all their hard work and I am so far amazed at all the work they put into it. If you were not able to come here are some pictures a parent took of the students. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the presentations!

PTA Teacher Appreciation

Hello, Sommer parents! Each November we like to show our thanksgiving for the staff at Sommer by providing them with a dessert to take home for the holiday! Please consider donating! Sign up link below... Thank you!!!

Sommer PTA Teacher Appreciation

Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 19

Progress Reports go home

Friday, November 20

Grades 3-5 Assembly

Wednesday, December 2

Early Release @ 12:45

Saturday, December 5

Candyland @ 8am

Marathon Kids

Here is the link to the PE teachers, including some information about Marathon Kids!

Doctor appointments

We would appreciate it if doctor appointments could be scheduled from 12pm and later. This allows us to work with your student in content areas and not have them miss any important information. We understand this is not always possible, but appreciate your willingness to try!



Please make sure that you are checking Home Access and looking at your student's grades. It is very difficult for me to find time in the day to meet with each student and let them know what is missing and what they need to correct so I need your help to accomplish this. Please sit down with your student and show them how to log into Home Access. I have a student computer in the classroom and if they know the UN and PW they are welcome to log in and check their work throughout the week. Please make a checklist with your student showing what they need to correct and what they need to finish and turn. This will help ensure that are students are not losing points for turning in assignments past the deadline and so they can get credit for any corrections they make.

Corrections have 5 days to be completed. It is up to the student to check all returned work and look to see if there needs to be corrections and they need to correct and return to earn more points if it is below a 70.

Late work is not usually accepted after 5 schools days as we have moved onto new areas and this causes the student to become even further behind.

The last day of the 1st 9 weeks is October 23rd. Report cards will be going home around November 5th!

Thank you for your support and help to make your child successful!

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