Waiting For Godot

Character Analysis- Estragon

Estragon (Gogo)

Estragon mostly comes off as inferior to Didi, he has a very bad memory and has a lot of troubles with his boots. He seems to always follow Vladimir around as he has no sense of leadership and direction.

Estragon's First Trait

His first trait is his looks, or personal appearance. Estragon seems to present himself poorly. As stated in the text.. "he gestures towards his rags" and states that it should be obvious that he should have been a poet. This shows that he was wearing "rags" and not actual "clothes". This can connect into Estragon's economic status. We can now be able to predict that Estragon is a very "poor man" or very low on the economic status.

Estragon's Second Trait

Estragon also seems to have a lack of care throughout the play. For instance in Act 1 Vladimir and Estragon seem to discuss a story in the bible. As stated in the text.. "Ah yes, the two thieves. Do you remember the story"? Vladimir says. Estragon replies with "No". Vladimir then states "Shall I tell it to you?" Estragon then quickly states "No" right after. By Estragon stating nothing but no after Vladimir pushes him into listening to the story, it shows that Estragon has a lack of care in the bible and religion at all. It almost seems as if he doesn't have a religion for he doesn't care to listen to the religious story.

Estragon's third trait

Throughout the play Estragon doesn't seem to be the brightest. He always follows Vladimir around and doesn't seem to have a sense of leadership or self-direction. Although, this is nothing more then a mere misconception. As we see in the play, Estragon seems to shout out profound comments without thinking anything of it. For example in Act !, Estragon shouts out "Let’s hang ourselves!" He then realizes right away that the bough might not support Vladimir. Though he asks Vladimir to "use intelligence," he still ends up having to explain the situation to his friend. This shows a glance into Estragon's education. Even though Estragon doesn't seem to be the smartest out of the two, he still shows that he is, in reality, a very intelligent being.