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Lakeview Family Newsletter - August 22

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Welcome back!

We can't wait to see our classrooms filled with smiling faces and inquisitive minds. If you are returning to Lakeview, we have missed you since June! If you are new to Lakeview, welcome! For everyone, this newsletter has so much back-to-school information for your family. Please take the time to read everything and save it in case you have questions in the coming weeks. Enjoy the end of summer vacation!

Who will my teacher be? Online Registration needed first!

Class lists - If you registered online or in-person by August 19, you will receive a postcard in the mail with your child's classroom teacher before Open House. If you do not receive a postcard, it means you did not register. Every student and every family - including returning families - must re-register every August. You may register online using these instructions.

Where does my child line up on the first day of school?

All 5K-5th grade students should be on the west playground (the playground with the large play structure) by 8:25 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3rd. Teachers will be outside to help, but students line up by the following doors every morning:

5K (Ms. Hirthe) - Door 9

5K (Ms. DeBruin & Ms. Chmielewski) - Door 10

1st Grade - Door 11

2nd Grade - Door 5 (closest to Manistique)

3rd Grade - Door 5 (closest to Manistique)

4th Grade - Door 7

5th Grade - Door 7

Your student will exit out through this same door at 3:35 p.m. every day.

Medication Form

Will your student be taking medication during the school day? If so, you must complete this form each year and bring it to the office with the doctor's note and the medication in an original bottle. You may bring the medication to the office during open house on August 28th. A few reminders:

• Students may not bring the medication to the office at any time during the school year - it must be delivered to the office by the parent/guardian.

• Students may not keep any medication with them or in lockers. This includes inhalers. Inhalers must be kept in the office like all prescription medication.

• Siblings may not share medications, even if they have the same prescription

Please see the Elementary Student Handbook and SDSM School Board policy 453.4 if you have questions about student medication, including information about over-the-counter medication and epi-pens.

• Please note that Lakeview does not have a fax machine, so your doctor's office cannot fax it to us.

Background Checks & Visitor Procedures

If there is any chance of you helping in the classroom or going on a field trip this year, please complete an online background check form. You must fill out the form every other year. (If you are a parent like me, I just do it every year because I forget when I did it last - it doesn't hurt.)

Once inside, you will notice our new, secure front entrance at Lakeview. The interior doors have been moved so that you can check in through the office window in the lobby before being buzzed into the school. Every visitor to the building must present a photo ID (such as a driver's license). We use the Raptor visitor management to instantly scan your ID and print a name tag. You must return the name tag when leaving the school.

Please understand that parents and guardians will not be allowed into the building on the first day of school. Families will say "Goodbye" and "Work hard" to their student(s) on the playground before lining up with teachers.

Elementary Handbook

The Elementary Handbook for the School District of South Milwaukee is available at all times on the Lakeview website under the "For Families" tab. We encourage you to consult the handbook about policies and procedures that are common to all four elementary schools in the district.

Lunch Info and Treats!

This link will take you to our district's nutrition page. There, you can find:

• Online application for Free & Reduced lunch (please complete as soon as possible if eligible - must be completed every year, depending on circumstance).

• The link to add funds to your student's lunch account.

• Information about how to have SM's nutrition services provide a birthday treat or snack for your child's classroom.

• Menus for breakfast and lunch. We keep a link to daily menus on our Lakeview homepage so you can easily find menus all year long.

Lunch at Lakeview is slightly later this year than in the past. It will be from 11:55-12:45. Please make sure your child gets up and eats a good breakfast before school to make it a little bit longer than in the past. If your child eats breakfast at school, encourage him/her to eat it all!

Please note: SDSM has a policy about families providing treats for celebrations such as birthdays. Only store-bought, packaged treats may be brought on these occasions (see the Elementary Handbook linked above). This is to address allergy concerns. Also, parents/guardians will not be allowed to deliver treats directly to their child's classroom, and any treats should be as simple as possible for the teacher to distribute (for example, please no ice cream sundaes or root beer floats). And here's a great idea - Instead of treats, consider donating a favorite book or board game to your child's classroom!

Important Dates and Times

2019-20 calendar - Click here for the link to the South Milwaukee School District calendar for this year. You will find the calendar for 4K at this link. Take the time now to go through the entire school calendar and mark dates on your family calendar.

Open House for all SM elementary schools is Wednesday, August 28th from 5-7 p.m.

The first day of school for 5K-12th grade is Tuesday, September 3rd.

4K families should see the information below about Sept 3rd & 4th.

The school hours remain the same as last year:

5K through 5th grade is 8:30-3:35

4K AM session is 8:30-11:40

4K PM session is 12:25-3:35

We will be focusing on consistent attendance this year at Lakeview in accordance with state law and district policy. A separate letter is being mailed to each elementary family before open house to proactively help you understand attendance laws and policies. More information will be in a future newsletter. Please just make sure 5K-5th grade students are here before 8:30 and stay until 3:35 every day, unless truly ill.

4K Info for Sept 3rd & 4th

The beginning of the year for 4K is different than it is for the rest of our students.

Tuesday, September 3rd - 4K Visit Day

Parent/guardian attends and stays with your 4K child. You may visit anytime between 8:30-11:40 (arrive prior to 11:00) or 12:25-3:35 (arrive prior to 3:00). Enter through the front door and bring your photo ID (see above). You should bring school supplies on this day, meet the teacher, and help your child acclimate to the room. You can stay for 20 minutes or several hours - the length depends on each child's comfort level. If you are arriving at 8:30 for your 4K visit because you have an older child at Lakeview, you will need to drop the older child(ren) off on the west playground, say goodbye when the bell rings, and then walk around to the front door. 4K parents/guardians will not be admitted through any door except the front office door for 4K visit day.

Wednesday, September 4th - First regular day of 4K

Regular 4K hours are 8:30-11:40 for the AM Session and 12:25-3:35 for the PM session.

New this year! Please note slight change in dropoff and pickup locations for PM 4K!

AM Session dropoff and pickup will be at Door 7 on the playground (same as in the past)

PM Session dropoff will be at the FRONT office door at 12:25 (since recess will be on the playground at this time) and pickup will be at Door 7 on the playground at 3:35.

Parents/guardians will not be able to come into the room upon arrival on September 4th. Please wait with your child until the teacher meets the class outside and say "Goodbye" outside.

School Supply Lists

New for 2019-2020 school year! All four elementary schools in SM have the same supply list. Please see this link for our new SM supply list. This same list is available on the Lakeview website in case you find yourself at the store browsing the sales. School supplies should be brought to open house on August 28th. It is much easier than bringing them on the first day of school. If you are unable to purchase everything on the list, just let us know and we will find a way to accommodate.

One more thing?

It's not on our supply list, but if your family could either donate a roll of paper towels or a snack (i.e., goldfish, graham crackers), we would appreciate it. Just bring them to open house on August 28th with your other supplies and give them to your teacher.

School Pictures

School pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 11th. If you would like to pre-order school photos, you may use this link.

New Schedule for Specials Classes This Year

For years, your students have been used to having music, art, PE, and library on a set day of the week (for example, art might have been every Tuesday). This caused an uneven number of classes, depending on the specials schedule for each individual classroom. For example, classrooms that had art on Monday or Friday had far fewer art classes than classrooms that had art on Wednesdays, due to holidays and Professional Development days. We have fixed this with a new schedule at all four elementary schools, but it is going to take time for all of us to get used to it.

This year, students will have specials on a 4-day rotation, without regard to the day of the week. Therefore, a class may have art on "Day 1" but day 1 could really be any calendar day of the week. We will count Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and then start over with Day 1 again (see the schedule example of September for a visual explanation). This is similar to a middle school or high school rotation schedule.

This means that all classrooms will have an equal number of art, music, PE, and library classes over the course of the school year (about 44 hours of each) and will have more of each special as well. Over the course of a school year, there will be approximately 7 additional hours of each special as compared to the previous schedule.

As a parent, the hardest part might be gym shoes ... it was easy to remember gym shoes using our old schedule, but since our new rotation schedule will put gym on any day of the week, I have two suggestions:

1. Keep a pair of gym shoes in your child's locker,

2. Wear gym shoes to school every day (really, there's no reason a student needs to wear anything but gym shoes to school every day).

We are excited to offer this for our students - let us know if you have any questions.